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Part 12

The next two days were a hive of activity at the hostel as I interviewed contractors, talked to engineering consultants and made decisions on the spot to aid in quick work. The construction downturn was actually a huge benefit to us. The quality contractors were hungry for business and ready to start immediately.

Naturally the fibre connection didn’t eventuate until late on the Wednesday, well over 36 hours later than promised. However, that did give Brett and myself the opportunity to get him signed up as a performer and set up a room for him to work in on the top floor. We had decided that we were going to make half of the top floor our own living space. Adjoining that living space we would have eight private rooms. Because the hostel rooms were already there, it just made sense to leave the walls where they were for those rooms and just tidy them up.

So, the studio was set up in one of the old hostel rooms which we would decorate later. In the interim I went across the road to a tacky souvenir store and bought some large polyester wall hangings with New Zealand themes on them and nailed them to the back wall. Then we tore the bed out and dragged our favourite pre-stained orange sofa into the room and placed it against the back wall.

As the installers worked downstairs to get the fibre connection working in the electrical distribution cupboard, I took a taxi to my hotel and collected all my belongings from my room and checked out. I then drove back up the hill and parked in one of the now empty car parks. After lugging all my boxes of stuff upstairs, it only took me a couple of minutes to locate and set up one of my laptops with a pan-tilt-zoom firewire camera on a small tripod in the centre of the room.

Another quick trip to a local lighting shop and we had a couple of nice warm ‘studio’ lights as well. Some rummaging through my junk then located a 30 metre Ethernet cable which was the perfect length to run from the laptop, out the window, down three floors, in another small window and across the floor to the electrical cupboard. By six o’clock the hostel was on the net.

Brett and I set up two of the other small rooms on the third floor as our temporary living space. I was tempted to use the penthouse, but decided it would not be as easy to keep an eye on the progress from up there. The reason we chose to have a room each was simply that the rooms on that floor had only over-wide single beds that the hostel owners had passed off as doubles. There was no way in hell I was going to share one of those for months with anyone, even if it was Brett.

I hired an apartment building construction firm to build the apartment on the third floor. I wanted the finish and quality to be dwelling level, not commercial. For the ground floor I hired a bathroom specialist along with a swimming pool specialist to refit the former spa level. For the other areas I hired an office fitting contractor who could make quick and economically efficient changes and renovations. Those areas were for commercial use, they needed to be built to withstand that type of use and this contractor was the only one equipped to deal with the mould conditions on the second floor. Lastly I hired a landscape design company to outfit the roof space and build appropriate privacy shielding.

Keeping track of five different companies was going to be a major task. I also wanted to do work myself on the shop space. I hadn’t forgotten it, and it was going to be an important part of the whole deal. The timetable for completion of all the major construction work was a very tight six weeks. We knew there would be issue with electrical and plumbing as well as all the other crap that goes along with old buildings like that, but it was a target to aim at, and I had already made compromises to make it go faster. The engineers had convinced me to have fewer private rooms for fire safety purposes that would make it easier to get approval of the plans. That’s why the private rooms would all be on the top floor.

I noticed that it was nearly 8 pm.

“Brett!” I yelled from the landing of the top floor.

“Get your sweet ass up here dude, time for you to try out your skills as a web performer!”

Brett came running up the stairs wiping crumbs from his face as he swallowed the remains of some chocolate chip cookies.

“Ok, what the hell do I do?”

“You got that stuff from your locked cupboard somewhere around?”

“Oh, no, I guess I should rescue that stuff before they demolish that floor huh.”

“Yeah, and bring it all to the web studio. You might want to use it as props for the shows.”

Brett scampered downstairs and returned a minute later with arms full of toys and fetish clothes. I held the door open for him and he dumped the stuff in the drawers of the small dresser in the room. He stood in the corner looking nervous.

“Come on,” I said, “let’s sit down for a bit and watch some of the experienced guys on the site before you start. There’s some credit in the producer account to look at other performers private shows as a voyeur.”

Brett sat beside me on the sofa as I pulled the laptop which sat on an old chair closer to us. I went to the producer portal page and logged in. Then I navigated immediately to the customer interface and Brett saw the stills of all the performers currently online.

“Hey, that guy Javek’s quite cute.”

I nodded and clicked on his thumbnail. Immediately we were in his free chat page and the scripts finished loading as we saw him sitting on a bed with a tight pair of boxer briefs, and nothing else. I had entered the screen name ‘Stud-licker’ and within seconds we saw a message from Javek.

JAVEK: Hey stud-liker, how are you today bb?

“What the hell is ‘bb’?” Brett asked.

“Um, as far as I know, it’s short for saying ‘baby’. Or, maybe big boy? In any case, I guess it’s a nice thing. So, are you going to answer him?”

Brett looked at me, then leaned over to the keyboard and typed.

STUD-LICKER: Hey back at ya. Yeah, I’m good – and it’s licker, not liker, although I do like studs like you!

I looked at Brett and rolled my eyes and then laughed.

“Hey – it’s you chat – do what you like. Try to get him to show you some more of his bod. See if you can get him to show you his cock or ass crack or anything.”

JAVEK: MMM licking is nice. Do you lick me?
STUD-LICKER: I’d sure like to lick you. Why not show me what part of you I could lick.
HOTBOD17: Yeah show us your cock man

“Who’s this hotbod guy?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Just another punter in the chat room.”

JAVEK: Stud bb, you can lick any part of me you like. Would you like to lick this?

Javek rubbed his crotch through the white briefs and massaged a nice sized mound from them.

HOTBOD17: I wanna see your cock dude. Now ok
JAVEK: So stud-liker do you like what you see?
STUD-LICKER: Very much. Could you let me have a peek at your nice form ass?
JAVEK: Just for you bb.

Javek then turned himself over so that he was on his hands and knees with his ass pointing towards the camera. He looked back towards the camera and rubbed his ass with one hand while making kissing motions at the camera. Then he very briefly flashed his ass to the camera before flipping back over into his original position.

“Interesting. I wonder why he’s doing the things I ask but is ignoring this other dude?”

“See how your messages are bolder? That means you have credit in your account and can spend with him. The other guy is obviously just here for a free show and has probably never paid anything so he will focus on you first. You’re a better mark. He should try to get you into a private show now.”

STUD-LICKER: Very nice dude. I’d love to see what you have hidden under those briefs
JAVEK: Sure In PVT you can
STUD-LICKER: What will I get in private?
JAVEK: A really good time anything you want to see bb
STUD-LICKER: Would you cum for me?
JAVEK: I can but it take some time
HOTBOD17: cum for us now dude. you won’t will you. this is such a rip!
STUD-LICKER: How long?
JAVEK: I think 20 would be fine bb
STUD-LICKER: I only have 10 of credit though
JAVEK: I can try so much for you bb

“Can I try it?”

“Sure. But send him a private message, see, click there to make it private, to make sure he knows you do expect him to shoot for you if you go for say 15 minutes. Actually, ask him when his shift ends first.”

STUD-LICKER<private>: When does your shift end today?
JAVEK<private>: In half an hour bb. I do all for you, show everything and say what you want me to say
STUD-LICKER<private>: If I pay for 15 minutes will you promise to cum for me?
JAVEK: Of course bb
HOTBOD17: hey who are you talking to I knew this was a fake
STUD-LICKER: hey hotbod 53 get a life will ya!
HOTBOD17: ***k you to a**

Immediately the screen changed layout and the large chat window was now much smaller and the video window larger with a higher frame rate. There was now also audio from the performer side. With a very strong eastern European accent Javek asked Brett to type in instructions for him as he rubbed his growing erection bulge with more vigour.

STUD-LICKER: Just loose the underwear and start putting on a show for me. I’ll give direction when I want it to change.

Brett shrugged his shoulders at me and sat back to watch. Javek was very good at this. He took off the briefs quickly and without fanfare and immediately began to stroke his very ample uncut cock. It was fully hard in just seconds. He played with his furry balls, and got up onto his knees on the bed to stroke his tight abs while his cock bobbed up and down by itself. He then turned around into the same pose he had given us before, but this time he used his hand not to rub his ass, but to pull the pale cheeks apart to expose the winking pink pucker.

STUD-LICKER: Can you put a finger in there?

Javek flipped over onto his back with a grin. He lifted his legs back so that we were treated to a view of his wide open ass and floppy balls draping themselves down towards it. He luxuriously sucked on the middle finger of his left hand, making sure to coat it well with spit, then effortlessly pressed it home up to the hilt in his inviting ass. His cock twitched at this and he took to it with his right hand, milking some shiny precum from it and wiping it on his tongue.

STUD-LICKER: Ok, now just wank for me and talk dirty in your own language.

Smiling, Javek sat up so we had a good view of his muscular body and began talking to us in what I assumed was a Slovak language of some sort. After a few minutes of this he broke back into English.

“So, are you having a good time? Do you want me to do anything else?”

Brett typed a reply.

STUD-LICKER: Very good thanks. Do you have any sex toys?

Javek immediately leapt out of frame for a few moments only to return with a very elaborate purple and pink vibrator. He lubed it from a bottle beside the bed and sat back on the edge of the bed with his knees lifted up so that we could see him insert the device. He propped his head on a pillow first so that we could also watch him grimace as he pressed it home.

Looking at the timer I saw that we had only two minutes left of the agreed 15. I pointed this out to Brett, who was watching enthralled as he absently rubbed the bulge in his jeans. Brett leaned forward to type.

STUD-LICKER: Ok, it can come out now – I am ready for you to shoot that load all over your chest.

Javek worked the vibrator out of his ass and tossed it to the floor. He then adjusted the zoom of the camera so that it showed his body from mid thigh to the top of his head as he lounged back on the bed. We saw him looking at the screen to check the time and then saw him pick up the pace and firmness of his stroking. With about 30 seconds left he grunted and shot a load of cum onto his chest and stomach. Javek smiled into the camera and said, “I hope that was as good for you as it was for me.”

Then I reached over and clicked on the ‘leave private’ button at just over 15 and a half minutes. The page refreshed and we were back in the public chat room looking at Javek’s sweaty body lying there with a towel draped across his pubic region. You could see he was still hard and you could also see the semen shining on his abdomen. Comments from those who had been watching the show as voyeurs were coming thick and fast. All were very positive. Brett typed once more.

STUD-LICKER: Thanks dude. That was hot.
JAVEK: No, thank you very much I enjoyed it and hope we can do this again tomorrow.
STUD-LICKER: We’ll see. Bye for now.

“So, pretty simple huh?” I said.

“Yeah I guess. Can we look at some other guys?”

“Of course. Just browse through a few and see how they deal with the customers.”

Brett began switching through the various guys, all sorts of colours, shapes and types filled the screen. Some were looking bored and just typing instant messages to invisible people, others were dancing for the camera, still others were just showing a close-up of their clothing covered crotches. Seeing that a few were in private sessions he choose to voyeur on the show. This view was similar to the private view, except there was no chat window to communicate with the performer.

We were watching a very cute young guy who had been in private for about four minutes when he announced that he was ready to shoot. The performer then zoomed in tight on his abdomen and made sure his head was out of shot. Then as he ‘came’ he jiggled his body a lot and quite clearly we saw ‘semen’ appearing from above his cock and then dripping down his stomach. He then zoomed the camera back out and acted as if he was in the final stages of his orgasm. I laughed.

“Well, he clearly still thinks most punters have slow connections and won’t be getting a good frame rate.”

“So, did I see that right? Did he just spit on himself to fake coming?”

“Yep. I bet the punter said he could only afford five minutes and begged the guy to cum for him so he faked it. Not very well either! Yep, look, exactly five minutes and the private is over. Hold on.”

I leaned forward to type into the public chat room.

STUD-LICKER: Real nice sweetie! How long are you on tonight? I need to do some stuff and then want to come back and have a pvt with u.
TROY: Hey STUD. Thanks. I am on for another two hours. Looking forward to seeing you again real soon.

“Yep, there you go. He wants to get more punters in private and doesn’t want to come for the cheap ass guys spending only 5 minutes with him. Well, let me just say this. Guys broadcasting from this room will never do something like that. Quality and integrity all the way. If you get a punter asking you to come for him in five or ten minutes, and you don’t want to for whatever reason, just tell him you can’t or won’t. Be honest and reliable, that’s the most important thing as far as I’m concerned.”

“So, if I’m doing two hour shifts, when should I come?”

“That totally depends. Like if you have a customer who wants to pay for 30 minutes with you right at the beginning, and he wants you to come, then I’d guess that was fair enough. You could then probably get it on again another time in the second hour right?”

“Shit, I can come five times in two hours if I’m in the mood.”

“Well, there’s your answer then. It depends on your mood. But I will say this, it’s got to be a judgement call that you have to make. Right, we should go over the rules from this operator. First of all, no full nudity in the public rooms. You can show that you are hard so long as there is something covering you up. You can’t do anything illegal. You can’t advertise any other company or services and you have to sign out of the system when you are not actually online performing.”

“Seems pretty simple. How do they check on me?”

“Oh, there can and will often be an administrator watching at any time. They can also help you out if you are having trouble in your chat room. There’s a button to summon an admin into your room on the performer interface.”

“Ok, I guess I’m ready to get started. What do I do?”

“Cool, well first of all give me a second to grab a couple of things you’ll need.”

I left the room while Brett flicked through more performers. I nipped into the small hostel room next door where I had stowed all my belongings and once more rifled through boxes of computer junk. Two minutes later I returned to our makeshift studio with a wireless keyboard and trackball. As I plugged the radio transceiver into the laptop and got them working I explained to Brett.

“I noticed that you had to lean way forward to type. I thought that if you have a remote control for the camera, you might as well have easy access to the keyboard and mouse too. You ever used a trackball?”

“I have played with a lot of balls in my time, but never one like that.”

“Well, it’s pretty simple. This is the left click button, this is the right and you just move the pointer around by rolling the ball like this. I figured that because you will be on the couch, there won’t be much place for putting a mouse. Also, the trackball is easier to clean. Let’s face it, you will probably have sticky fingers from time to time!”

Brett laughed as he practiced with the trackball, mastering it in seconds.

“Ok, so I have installed the software and filled out some basic profile stuff for you. All you need to do is log in to this performer application, make sure everything is OK in your account and get busy.”

I showed Brett how to log in and together we went through filling out his profile details and took a still shot of his smiling face for his model image. Then we went to the performer room interface and together we adjusted the lights and camera position to their best advantage. Brett then took off his shirt, put on his white Speedos under his jeans and sat back in the couch to frame the shot. Just before he clicked the start broadcast button he leapt up and grabbed a towel from the bathroom.

“Just in case someone actually pays for me to shoot!”

“Oh, they will. Don’t worry about that! Hey, do you want me to stick around for a bit?”

“Yeah, that would be good. Thanks.”

With that, Brett clicked on the start button and he was online.

It took about twenty seconds before the first members arrived in his new room. Immediately they began asking him questions about his age, location and how long he had been doing this. Brett answered them all dutifully as fast as he could type. After a few minutes of this the requests for him to put on a show began. There were 138 viewers in his room by the time the five minutes counter ticked over.

Brett acquiesced to the constant badgering and took his jeans off. The room was flooded with complements and requests to show more.

MIKE34: dude! Show us what you got hiding under those!
HARDCOCK: Mmmm such nice thighs
MIKE34: things great and I am sure cock is better! Show us dude!
BRETT: Hi mike34, I’d be happy to show you everything in private
MIKE34: sure – but how do I know you will get hard? Its your first pvt right?
BRETT: Let me prove it.

Brett began rubbing his crotch though the swim shorts and at the same time zoomed the camera in for a crotch close-up. Within seconds his cock showed as a very firm tube snaking off to the left side of the swim briefs and tenting them out very nicely.

MIKE34: <PRIVATE> Nice job dude. I’ll buy 5 mins to see what you really look like. But only if you don’t mind an old guy like me jerking off while looking at you.
BRETT: <PRIVATE> Hey, I love the idea of guys wanking over me. How old are you?
HARDCOCK: That’s so hot.
MIKE34: <PRIVATE> I’m actually 57. Sorry if that is too old.
BRETT: Thanks hc. I’m enjoying it too.
BRETT: <PRIVATE> Hey that’s sweet! I thought you said you were old!


MIKE34: Ok, let’s see what you got. Can you first of all turn on your mic if you have one so you can answer my questions by voice.

I leaned in and clicked on the microphone for Brett. He smiled at me and nodded.

“Hey Mike, I hope you can hear me now?”

MIKE34: Yeah, mmm, sexy accent. OK, please take off those shorts.

“Very much my pleasure!”

Brett stripped the Speedos off and tossed them to the floor as he casually stroked his cock to enhance the erection he had been cultivating.

MIKE34: oh nice, uncut. I like that. Just get it really hard for me for a minute please, and tell me a bit about yourself. Yeah, slightly wider with the shot too. I want to see all of you.

“Sure. It would be my pleasure. OK, well, I’m a kiwi, from Auckland in New Zealand. I’m 19 years old and pretty much get it on for guys. I have had sex with I guess quite a few people, both guys and chicks, but always get hardest for guys. Um, I tend to go for guys who are older than me because other guys my age just don’t have the experience I like to get me off again and again. Hmm, just thinking about you watching me do this is making me juice up. I hope you can see – I’m pretty much rock hard now.”

MIKE34: looking good. Close up of cock and balls please?

Brett used the remote control to zoom in for the requested shot. He framed it pretty well and the lighting was pretty much spot on.

MIKE34: Oh. Is that precum there? Or have you used lube of some sort?

“No Mike, like I say, just thinking about you wanking while watching me is making me self lube. It’s precum alright.”

MIKE34: Mmm, pull that skin right back would you?

Brett pulled his foreskin back exposing the precum slicked purple head of his cock. He stroked slowly pushing the skin back and forth over his slippery head.

MIKE34: Ok, now pull out a bit wider and turn around. I’d like to get a look at your hole.

Brett adjusted the camera and positioned himself on the couch so that his ass was wide open and his pucker peeked out through the wispy black hairs around his asshole. He then twitched and tightened it, which forced a large drop of precum from his cock tip. The drop stretched languidly down to the seat of the couch leaving a shining thread from his cock to the fabric. Brett turned to look at the screen for instructions.

MIKE34: Oh hot! You sure know how to get me going! Just lay back and have a nice slow jerk for me. Play with your hole too please.

Brett turned over and did exactly as he was asked. He stroked slowly, milking yet more precum from his hardon. He used the slick fluid as lube for his middle finger as he slowly worked it across his pucker and playfully pressed it inside. I looked at the stats on the screen and saw that not only was Mike34 paying to watch, and had been for seven minutes now, but there were also 12 others who were paying to voyeur on the show.

Three minutes later Brett was still working his erection slowly and firmly for the audience when the last message of the session appeared on the screen.

MIKE34: Brett, sweetie, you have a great future here. I never exceed what I say I’m going to pay for. You now got 10 minutes from me instead of 5. And I just came too. Thank you so much.

“Hey Mike. I’m so glad you liked it and I got you off. That’s just made my night.”

With that the PC beeped loudly and a message popped onto the screen in red.


Brett realised he needed to cover up and grabbed for the towel and draped it across his crotch just before the countdown finished and he was back into the open chat room. The towel, being thin and old, made it very clear that he had a major hardon underneath. A thin sheen of sweat had formed on his chest as well. I looked at him and decided I’d pay for him right now too. Then I laughed quietly as I realised that I actually was paying for him to do this.

Brett manipulated the trackball and muted the microphone. Without looking at me he started talking to me while he chatted with the room members.

“Well, that was interesting.”

“Yep, and I’d say you will get some more private session before long judging by the number of guys joining your room!”


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