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Part 13

No sooner had I said that than Brett was whipped into a private chat once more.

SHADOWPLAYER: Hey hottie. turn on your mic for me would you?

Brett clicked the microphone back on.

“Hi, can you hear me now?”

SHADOWPLAYER: yeah perfectly. do you mind if we just chat for a bit?

“Nope, that’s fine with me. Do you want me wanking or something too?”

SHADOWPLAYER: no. just like you are now. i like to have long chats before we do anything. you don’t mind that do you?

“No, of course not. What would you like me to call you? Shadowplayer?”

SHADOWPLAYER: my name is steve.

“Ok, cool. Nice to meet you Steve. What would you like to talk about today? I’m happy to talk about anything you like.”

SHADOWPLAYER: good to hear. what time is it where you are?

“Ahh, it’s around nine thirty at night here.”

SHADOWPLAYER: i see. so tell me what you got up to today then brett.

“Hmm, Ok, well I woke up around ten thirty I guess and went to the loo because I was dying for a pee. But I guess you don’t need that much detail do you.”

SHADOWPLAYER: no that is perfect. do you sleep naked? were you hard when you woke up?

“Ha! Yeah. Both actually. I woke up with a raging morning hardon and dying for a piss. So I stumbled to the toilet and realised I wasn’t going to be able to aim down properly so went to the shower box and pissed in there. It went up past my face and onto the back wall of the shower but man did it feel good!”

SHADOWPLAYER: i bet it did. ok, just tell me in full detail about the rest of the day.

“Right, yeah, so I went back to bed, still hard and thought about getting some more sleep, but it was kinda hot and I was pretty sweaty and stinky. So I decided to have a quick wank. So yeah, I just lay back on the bed, grabbed it and stroked slowly until I started to precum. I guess I lay there wanking for about 15 minutes and then just let myself shoot. Some hit me in the face, but most landed on my chest. So, I wandered down the hall to the bathroom to have a shower and of course right then my room mate came out of his room to go for his morning piss.

“He took one look at me with spooge all over me and a still hard dick and said ‘Shit dude, looks like you had a good wank!’. I just smiled and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower and stepped in as he took a piss.”

Brett continued to make up a fairly convincing sounding day for the customer and I noticed he was no longer hard under the towel. I looked at the timer when his story of the day reached the point of coming online and saw that the show had been running for 28 minutes already.

“So then I had a bit of a private show with another guy and got myself all hot and horny for him, but didn’t get a chance to blow my load. And now of course here we are.”

SHADOWPLAYER: yes we are. could you take the towel off you lap now please?

“Sure, there you go, but I’m sorry I’m not hard right now.”

SHADOWPLAYER: that’s just fine. i want you to zoom in on your cock now. but don’t get hard yet.

Brett used the remote control to zoom in so that his dark haired crotch filled the screen, his rosy pink balls nestled between his thighs at the bottom of the frame and his pale smooth cock resting gently over them.

SHADOWPLAYER: can you go in any closer?

Zooming to full, Brett framed just his cock on the screen.

SHADOWPLAYER: is that precum glinting at the tip of that cute little foreskin there?

“Yes. This talk we have been having has made me really aroused.”

SHADOWPLAYER: would you mind pulling back the skin so i can see it a bit better?

Brett pulled the skin back and held it there. The precum spread itself over his head making it very slick and shiny. I saw him begin to plump up.

“Sorry, but this is going to make me hard really quick.”

SHADOWPLAYER: that’s fine. i would love it if you would let me watch you jerk that thing off. the only thing i ask is that you take your time, enjoy it, and really cum for me. will you do that for me?

“Of course. How long do you want me to take?”

SHADOWPLAYER: as long as you need to enjoy it my sweet boy.

Brett repositioned the camera and himself so that he gave the customer a great view as he slowly stroked himself to full erection and worked himself to a frenzy.

“I’m getting real close Steve. Is it Ok for me to come soon?”

SHADOWPLAYER: yeah i will cum when you do if you don’t mind.

“Of course! I’d love that. I’ll let you know when. But it will be soon.”

Brett continued stroking himself while he looked seductively at the camera. I was getting turned on too as he started moaning for the audience. A couple of minutes later Brett spoke to his viewer once more.

“Is this view OK because I'm gonna come really soon.”

SHADOWPLAYER: perfect.just go for it my hot man.

“Ok here it comes Steve, just for you.”

Brett arched his back, making his abs stretch out and showing the glint of sweat on his abdomen off perfectly for the camera. He grunted loudly and his balls twitched as thick ropes of semen shot from his cock and pelted his chest, neck and face. He began to relax his body a little as the pulsing subsided slowly and the spurts died down to a trickle from the tip of his very sensitive cock. He looked directly down the barrel of the camera and smiled a wicked grin at his viewers as the cum slowly dribbled from his body to the couch.

SHADOWPLAYER: my oh my what a beautiful show brett. i am so proud of you for putting on such a fantastic show for me. that was really wonderful. i made quite a mess myself here. I do hope we can do this again my sweet, you could really be quite addictive. i really should go and clean myself up now, but i will be adding a nice tip to this show. thank you brett.

“No, thank you Steve, this was my first proper show and you made it so easy for me I really do appreciate it.”

SHADOWPLAYER: :-) goodbye for now sweetie.

There was a loud beep and the now familiar message appeared:


I leaned down and grabbed the towel from the floor and tossed it to Brett who draped it across his groin again just in time for the counter to reach zero and for him to be flung back into the open room.

The conversation kicked into high gear as the guys in the public room quizzed Brett on how his private had been and if that was really cum on his chest and neck. Brett chatted with them for a while until the total logged in timer on the screen ticked over the 90 minute mark. With that we both agreed that this was long enough for the first session and he said goodbye to his fans and promised to be back soon.

As soon as the camera was off Brett used the towel to wipe himself down and to get as much spooge as possible off the couch.

“I don't think you need to worry about staining that Brett!”

Brett smiled back at my laughed comment.

“Maybe not, but I do have to sit on this again tomorrow night you know. Might as well avoid it being too scratchy if I can help it.”

While he continued to clean up I checked the stats on the site. That 90 minutes had brought us a provisional $220. Once the credit card transactions were verified, it would be in our account.

“Not too bad for a wank huh?” I asked while pointing at the screen.

“I could earn close to that for an hour and a half on the street though.”

“But this is US dollars, with the current rate that's close to double, and you didn't even have to touch any weird guy's bits, except your own of course.”

“That's true I guess. I suppose if you get a few big spenders like that guy then it could be some pretty good money.”

“Yeah, and it's perfect for what I have planned now as well.”

Brett looked at me with raised eyebrows.

That evening I explained my plans for the next few weeks to Brett. He sat naked on the faded orange couch listening to me and nodding. I told him that I wanted to start recruiting guys to work in the club as soon as possible. The training would take time, and I was anticipating that some parts of the club could be up and running in as little as six weeks. There would need to be quite a few staff. Some would be cleaning and maintenance staff, some would be reception and administrative, others would be food and beverage staff and the rest would be hosts.

I chose the term hosts to describe those guys who would be available for private sessions with the club members. It sounded better than calling them rent boys. Everyone who was going to work at the club was going to be under 35 years old and cute. They all had to double as eye candy as well. That meant they all had to be prepared to work in all aspects of the adult entertainment industry.

“So,” I concluded, “the great thing is that we can take on the guys we want as soon as we find them, because we can have them working immediately. If they are not training, then they can be cam performers and earn us money.”

Brett grinned and stood up to stretch his tight body.

“Yep, and it’s gotta be fun to interview them too. You gonna make ‘em all suck your cock like you did with me?”

“Ha! You did a shit load more than just suck my cock cutie! But I’m sure we can work out some fun ways of testing their willingness.”

I leaned over towards him and fondled his dangling genitals noticing the now dried semen sticking his fine chest and belly hair to his tanned skin.

“Anyway, it’s getting late and we have a lot to do tomorrow. You better grab a shower if you want to put that hot body in my bed tonight.”

Finding willing applicants was a lot easier than I had first expected. The same economic issues that allowed us to get the cream of the crop in the construction industry also meant there were a lot of cute young guys looking for work.

Five days after advertising I had a lobby full of applicants at 9 on a Wednesday morning. According to the responses I got, there were supposed to be 35 there, I had a quick count from the stair well and discovered that 28 had turned up. Scanning the room I immediately saw several possible candidates, and quite a few who were not going to make the grade. It was an interesting mix. Employment laws limited the selection criteria I was allowed to publish, so there were all sorts there, several women in their 30s or 40s, half a dozen men over 50 and a couple who were clearly no more than 15 or 16.

Brett had the role of organizing the applicants. He walked around the lobby handing out the application forms I had designed and printed the night before. Applicants used the desk, walls and any other firm surface they could find to fill them out. Once the stragglers had arrived and started filling out their forms, Brett let them know what was going to happen.

“Ok, listen up please. Today we are looking to offer 6 positions. Here’s how this is going to work. First you will fill out the form in its entirety. That means you have to fill out every part. Both sides! Once you have filled it out I will collect the forms. Once we have the applications, we will call you one at a time to come and meet with us. This meeting will be no more than two minutes. In this meeting we will get a first impression of you. First impressions are very important in these jobs. Make it good.

“Once we have seen everyone, which will take about an hour, we will then call out the names of those of you who we want to give full interviews. If your name is called out at that point, please stay put. If not, then we thank you now for your application. We will accept applications until the time we call for the last preliminary interview. So, if any of you have friends who have not made it here yet who you think should apply, call them now and get them here fast. Ok, hand me your forms when you are done and let’s get going!”

There was a flurry of movement as the fast writers handed their applications to Brett. I watched from the stairwell and evaluated the body language of the large group. This was going to be interesting. Soon Brett had collected all the forms from those in the lobby. He looked at the top form and called out for Judy Stevens to follow him upstairs. We had decided to do the preliminary interviews in the nearly finished bar area on the second floor. I hurried upstairs to be there when they arrived.

“Judy, as I said, my name is Brett, and this is Ryan. Please tell us why you have applied for a job with us?”

“Ahh, hi. Yeah, thanks for seeing me. I have been working as a secretary for the last 25 years in a legal firm which has recently closed down. I’m great with people and I am also an administrative wiz. If you are starting a new business, you need me.”

I smiled. “Thanks for that Judy. A nice succinct pitch, I like that. Ok, great. Now you are the benchmark! Brett will take you down and we’d appreciate it if you can hang around until we have gone through the rest of the applicants.”

We shook hands and Brett led her downstairs and returned a few seconds later with a handsome young blond guy with a stunning build.

“Ryan, please meet, umm, Ok, Ryan! Can you please tell us why you applied for a job with us?”

“Sure, nice to meet you both. Well, I am currently looking for work, I have been in several part time positions over the last couple of years, and I really want a job where I can use my physical assets to their best advantage. I’m gay, and I am proud of that and of my body. Simple as that.”

I noticed Brett had a frown on his face as he read Ryan’s application.

“Nice answer. Brett, do you have a question?”

“Ahh, yes. Ryan, how old are you?”

“I’m 17.” He said with a proud smile.

“Right,” I replied. “Unfortunately that does rule you out of taking a position with us. I do suggest you come back and see us when you turn 18 though. Thanks for your time, but there’s no need for you to stay sorry.”

“Hmm, I sort of figured that might happen. I’ll stick around anyway if that’s OK, a couple of my friends are downstairs and if I can wait with them that would be good.”

“Sure, no problem. Thanks again.”

By then end of the hour Brett looked like he was getting exhausted going up and down the stairs so much. We finished with the last applicant and Brett returned to the bar.

“Looks like they are all still there. I guess our reactions to some of them didn’t convince them to leave early. We must be too nice!”

Looking through the forms we discovered that we had marked stars on ten of the applications.

“Ok, are we happy with these ones for a follow-up interview?”

Brett nodded so we descended the stairs to deliver the verdict. When we appeared in the lobby the quiet hubbub died immediately. Brett delivered the news.

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