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Part 14

“Once again, thank you to all of you who have applied today. We are impressed with the calibre of applicant, and we have had to make some snap decisions on who goes through to the full interview round. Our criteria for selection has been very broad, and we have surprised even ourselves with some of the decisions we have made already. I am pleased to say that we will be giving ten of you full interviews today. I will now read out those ten names and would ask that if your name is not read out, that you take off now, and have a really good day.”

Each name Brett read out elicited a broad smile on one or more faces. Our second applicant Ryan even managed two broad grins as two of his friends were named. When Brett finished he stood quiet and still until the lobby had cleared out and only 12 of us stood there. He then grinned at the 10 remaining.

“Ok guys, come on up to the bar and we’ll go over what’s happening next. Congratulations on making it to this stage!”

Brett had been doing a great job of running the process to this point, so I let him continue. Once we were all seated in the bar area, sitting on plastic covered bar furniture, Brett explained the next steps.

“Cool, so, there are ten of you, and six jobs. At least four of you guys will go home without job offers today. The interviews today will be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour in length. So, it’s possible that we might need to either go quite late in the day, or even run over to tomorrow. Please let us know right now if that’s a problem for you.”

One guy put up his hand. Brett raised his eyebrows to question him.

“I have an evening job at the moment which I need to be at by 3pm, and that means I need to leave here by 1.30 at the very latest.”

“That’s a long way to work.” I said.

“True. But it’s a job isn’t it.” He replied smiling, I nodded.

“Anyone else got time issues?”

Everyone else shook their heads to Brett’s question.

“Good. I guess you get to be first then, umm, sorry, what was your name again?”

The evening worker told Brett that his name was Jarrod Manson.

“So, here’s what we will do. We will get you, one at a time, take you into another room and talk to you about you, about the jobs and about life in general. If we both agree that we want to offer you a position there and then, we will, but I suspect that most of you will need to wait until we have finished all the interviews to find out. There are soft drinks and cookies available on the bar over there, help yourselves and we’ll get underway if there are no questions?”

After waiting for any questions Brett beckoned Jarrod to follow us and we led him into what would soon become a video playroom. Right at that point though, it was simply a large well lit room with lots of video cables sticking out of holes in the walls and a couple of comfortable couches arranged facing each other.

We followed Jarrod in and I indicated one of the couches to him. As he sat down I went to a small table in the corner and grabbed myself a bottle of water. Turning to the other two I asked if they wanted anything. Both declined. Brett and I sat down on the couch facing Jarrod. I started the interview.

“So, let’s look at the details you filled out on the form first huh? Let’s see, you’re what, 19? No, 18 I guess, turning 19 in three months. Tell us a little about yourself.”

“Ok, well, first of all I’d like to thank you for interviewing me for a job. And, thanks for interviewing me first too, I know that if I get a position here, then the job I’m going to this afternoon won’t matter, but I guess I like to do my best to make sure I meet my commitments. Umm, I finished high school last year and have been working as a fast food place full time ever since. I was working there when I was at school, and so that’s why I have to travel so far to work. I moved here into the city with friends as soon as school was done.”

“Ok, what about on a more personal level? What things interest you?”

“Ahh, hmm. Well, I have to admit I am a bit of a fitness nut. I like my body and I’m sort of addicted to working out and making sure I look as good as I can. Umm, yeah, I’m gay. I know you didn’t ask that on the form, but I am assuming from the description of the place in the job ad that it is a gay club right? Ok yeah, I thought so. So, I’m gay and single, but do have fun with friends on occasion of course. I’m healthy, not just fit, but I don’t have any diseases either and I intend to keep it that way.”

“Jarrod,” I said, “why is it that you are assuming that sex and sexuality are important in this interview?”

“I guess I like to consider myself to be fairly astute and observant. You have said this place is going to be an exclusive mens club, you have said it is gay owned and operated and the ten of us you are interviewing are all young and reasonably attractive guys. Also, I like to be very up front about things and I guess you’d be hard pressed to call me shy!”

“Fair enough. I’d say you were pretty much on the mark with those observations. Ok then, let’s cut to the chase. Would you be prepared to do the rest of this interview naked?”

Jarrod’s mouth dropped open for a moment and his pale complexion took on a distinctly red hue for a few seconds. Then he grinned and unbuttoned his shirt. We sat still and watched as he undressed quickly, carefully folding his clothes and placing them carefully on the sofa beside him as he did so. After slipping off his underwear Jarrod sat back on the couch and looked us in the eyes with a confident smile on his face.

He had good cause to look confident. He was a very nice specimen indeed. His almost white blond immaculately presented mop of hair was obviously not bleached. Jarrod’s skin was very pale, almost translucent in places, but it looked very good on him, almost milky. His sparse body hair was also blond and was really only visible sprouting a little from his armpits and nestling in his crotch. There was a thin sprinkling of thin hair on his thighs too, making this slight but well defined kid look a little more manly.

I notice Brett’s gaze was drawn to the same place mine was. Jarrod’s pale pink cock was huge! It was flaccid but snaked down over his large ruddy ball sack and rested it’s weight on the surface of the couch. Even when he straightened up a little it still dented the fabric with its bulk. He was uncut, and the foreskin puckered at the end hid the view of what was obviously a very well defined cock head.

“Ok good. So, I see here you have applied for a cleaning and maintenance job, which by the way we will call a guest services consultant. Why did you go for that one and not one of the other positions?”

“No qualifications really. My parents keep going on at me about doing a hospitality qualification at the tech or something like that. I figure that because all I have done is finish high school, that I can’t apply for anything more than that. What I would like to do ideally though is get a job where I could study as well.”

“Hmm,” I replied, “would you mind if I add a hospitality role to your form? I don’t think lack of formal qualification will necessarily be a problem.”

Jarrod raised his eyebrows and nodded his agreement.

“Ok, I’ll do that, but I also want to explain exactly what sort of things we would expect from both roles. Ok, let’s start with the cleaning and maintenance role. The key role for these guys is to make sure the facilities in the place are always at top level. That means ensuring that there are clean towels throughout, making sure that the showers and other facilities are always spotless, making sure that there are no empty glasses or plates around, generally keeping the place immaculate and in full working order. They also have a secondary role, and that’s as eye candy basically. You would be expected to do most of your work naked or near naked. The patrons are here because they are rich, gay and looking for a place to relax and be themselves. They are paying a shit load of cash to be here and we want them to get extras like being able to watch sexy young guys mopping the floor naked.”

I noticed that as I explained the second part of the job to Jarrod that his cock had started to expand a little. I could now see just a hint of his piss slit. I asked Brett to explain the hospitality role.

“Ok, so the hospitality role starts where the cleaning job ends. The first thing that is expected of a host is that when he gets to work, the first thing he does is get undressed and has a damned good shower. The last thing he will do before leaving is get dressed again basically. So, a host is always eye candy for the guests. A host will greet a guest when he walks in to the room the host is in. He will sit and chat with the guest if the guest wants to talk. He will get drinks from the bar if the guest wants it. A host will get cosy with a guest if invited to and will go so far as sitting on a guest’s lap if invited to.”

Jarrod was now shifting a little uncomfortably trying to hide the fact that he was getting aroused.

“The other main task of a host is to have sex with the guests.”

Jarrod’s jaw dropped again and his eyes widened.

“Yep, there is an aspect of the host’s role which is pure prostitution. It is not a standard part of the guest’s package, but if they wish to buy private time with a host then they can do that at the bar. The bartender will clock it up on the guest’s tab and they can then take the host to one of the private suites for as long as they wish. Naturally the host has to agree before this transaction happens. So basically the way it would work if I was the host and Ryan was the guest would be that I’d chat him up and get him horny, then suggest a private session. Ryan would then go to the bar with me and get it put on his tab and we’d go off and fuck or whatever.”

Brett sat waiting for Jarrod to ask questions or respond. When he didn’t, I filled in the awkward silence.

“I can see you are a little surprised by that, but let’s face it, I think you liked the concept.”

I nodded at his crotch and he looked down to see his cock standing at half mast with a large dribble of precum leaking down from his foreskin onto the fabric of the couch. He grabbed at his cock and frantically wiped the precum from the cloth.

“Oh fuck! Sorry, I oh fuck! Shit shit shit.”

“Hey!” I said, “Don’t stress dude! It’s fine. There’ll be a hell of a lot more precum getting onto this furniture over the next few years. Hey, while your half way there, can you get that beast hard for me so I can see how big it really gets?”

“For real?”

“Yeah.” I said matter-of-factly.

Jarrod shrugged his shoulders, still bright red from his embarrassment and started rubbing his cock. It quickly grew to astonishing proportions. It was my turn to stare in amazement. As his cock stiffened the foreskin slid back smoothly to reveal a blood-red helmet that was shining under the lights.

“It’s not strictly an interview question, but how long is that monster?”

Jarrod blushed again.

“I really don’t know. I haven’t tried measuring it since I was 15. Back then it was 16 centimetres. But I am pretty sure it’s a bit more since then.”

I stood up and headed for the door, calling back to the other two as I walked.

“I’ll be right back – keep it hard kid.”

Thirty seconds later I was back in the room with a tape measure.

“Do you mind if I measure you? No? Ok, stand up and lets take a look.”

I walked over to bent down in front of Jarrod and took his hard cock in my left hand to pull it down away from his flat stomach. I gave it a couple of strokes to make sure it was nice and hard. It was. I grabbed the end of the tape between my left thumb and index finger and held it firmly against his pubic bone at the top of his cock, using my wrist to push the rock solid hardon down. With my right hand I flattened the tape down along the length of the shaft and used my right thumbnail to mark the measurement while my bent right index finger pressed gently against the slick tip of his cock.

I stood up and brought the tape measure up with me, allowing the cock to snap up against Jarrod’s hairless belly. I looked closely at the tape.

“Twenty one point six centimetres.”

I turned the tape over.

“Or Eight and a half inches if you prefer. Well, fuck kid, you have all the qualifications I’m looking for!”

I sat back down and indicated that Jarrod should do the same. I looked over to Brett and he understood what I wanted to see so asked the right questions.

“Cool, so, you have a big cock, a hot body and you can get a hardon in front of two guys you don’t know in a job interview. All good so far. Can you come for us now please?”

“What, here?”

Brett nodded and sat expectantly watching. Jarrod shrugged again and right away began masturbating. He was already well and truly aroused, so it didn’t take long before he was lubricating his hand again and had closed his eyes to get into it. He drew his feet up onto the couch and spread his legs as he wanked. This gave us a glimpse of his cute pink pucker until he moved his other hand down to play with his balls. With his eyes still closed and a look of impending ecstasy on his face Jarrod asked a question quietly.

“Coming soon, where should I shoot?”

“Wherever it goes.” I answered.

With that he shuddered and held his cock still with one hand gripping it, and stretched out the fingers on his other hand. This let us see his ring tighten and his balls contract tightly as the cum flew from his cock in an impressive volley that landed on his shoulder. Astoundingly he shot at least another ten full sized squirts that coated his body, the arm of the couch and then the floor and coffee table in front of him.

He eventually opened his eyes and looked around.

“Whoa. Shit. Umm, well you did say wherever right?”

“I did. Impressive cum shot Jarrod. You always come like that?”

“Not usually quite that much, no.”

“Ok, well, just relax, we’ll let you have a shower in a minute, there’s one right next door. We just have a couple of last questions for you.”

I looked to Brett to see if he had any, he shook his head so I continued.

“If we were to offer you a job, when would you be able to start?”

“Umm, next day I guess.”

“No matter what role you would be offered, nakedness would be required. Would that be Ok for you?”

“Sure. I would get used to it I guess.”

“Have you ever had sex for money before?”

“No sir.”

“Would you be prepared to?”

“Umm, well, I dunno. To be honest, it’s not what I was thinking of originally. But it would depend I guess.”

“On what?”

“Well, I don’t really know if that’s something I could get into, and it would depend on the guy and well, the money I guess.”

“Ok, well, we will let you have a shower now, and when you have done that you can ask us any questions you might have. Ok, just through that door there.”

Jarrod stood up and smiled at us sheepishly as semen dripped from his body onto the couch and floor. He walked through the door and moments later we heard him step into the flow of the shower. I turned to Brett.


“You think he’s hot don’t you.”

“Well, yeah. In a very Nordic way, he is. But what about a job? Could you work with him?”

“So long as I get to help train him in the art of giving head! Yeah, he seems like a cool kid and actually reasonably intelligent too. I reckon he could work here.”

“Yep, me too. How about we offer him a cleaner role with host training?”

“Great idea. I could kind of take him on as an apprentice rent boy.”

“Basically yeah. Ok, cool, let’s see what he is gonna ask.”

A minute later Jarrod walked back into the room, just as I finished wiping up the obvious cum stains. I ushered him to take a seat again and tossed the paper towels away and sat myself back down.

“Ok, you will have thought of some questions I guess. Go for it.”

Jarrod sat for a moment debating if he should ask or not.

“Um, please don’t take this the wrong way. I’ve never applied for a job like this before you see. But am I supposed to have offered you guys something as part of this interview?”

“Like what?” I asked.

“I dunno, like a blowie or something?”

Brett and I looked at each other and burst into laughter. I smiled at Jarrod who had gone bright red once more and answered.

“No Jarrod, you’re fine. If we had felt that would help, we would have asked you. No, not necessary at all. Any other questions?”

“Ok, cool. Umm yeah, how much are you going to charge for membership?”

“Oh, I thought you were going to ask how much we would pay you. But Ok, well, we haven’t finalized the fees yet, but probably between 10 and 15 thousand a year.”

“Shit, that’s a lot!”

“Yes, but we want to make sure this is an exclusive club with the best possible amenities and staff, so for that you have to pay. Anything else?”

Jarrod shook his head so I started the offer process.

“Ok then. How much are you paid now in your fast food job?”

“I’m now on $14.50 an hour and do 38 hours a week usually.”

“Ok, that’s what, 26 or 27 thousand a year right?”

“Yeah, about that.”

“So, what hours do you work there?”

“Well it depends. Sometimes I’m on the 10 to 5.30 day shift, sometimes the 3 to 10.30 evening shift and if the boss is pissed at me, on the 8 to 3.30 graveyard shift. All over the place really.”

“So, if we offered you a full time position here on salary would it be ok for you to have different work shifts too? We will be open 24 hours here.”

“Umm, what do you mean by salary?”

“Quite simple. For working an average of 40 hours per week you would get a standard base salary paid every two weeks. We are prepared to offer you a starting salary of $35,000 which works out to about $18.20 an hour I think. That would be for a cleaning and maintenance position with extra duties as a trainee host. Host work pays a quite a bit more than cleaning once you get into actually doing that. And, there would be times we would need you to do more than 40 hours in a week too, but a certain amount of that is expected within that salary range.”

“Wow, that’s a lot more than I’m on right now. Um, that would be cool.”

“So, that’s a yes then?”

“Fuck. You mean I got the job?”

Brett and I laughed and told him he had the job. I stood up and offered my hand to Jarrod who stood up and shook it firmly, a grin plastered to his face. Brett went around the coffee table and offered his hand too. Then he clapped one hand on Jarrod’s shoulder and with the other he hefted the grinning kid’s weighty cock up and down.

“And we will give you some training in creative ways to use this weapon too. Gotta love this job. A sexual harassment claim is gonna be a very tough one to win here!”

We let Jarrod dress as we looked at the other candidate forms and realized that this was seriously going to take all day.

As Jarrod was finishing up I spoke to him.

“Ok, so we will give you a call in a couple of days and start the training. We need to go over the contract details and sort out the tax stuff. Bring your tax number, bank account details and passport or drivers license in Ok?”

“Sure, and thanks again! See you then, boss, or bosses I guess.”

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