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Part 15

The next guy we picked from the list was not going to work out. He had applied for a host role, knowing full well what it meant, but had no experience at it, and also said he wanted to do the work from home because it would be ‘easier to get motivated’ there. When we asked him to strip for us and show the goods, he said ‘Not unless you fucking pay up bitches!’.

We thanked him for his time and let him know that he didn’t need to wait around, and we wouldn’t be getting back in touch with him.

The third candidate was also applying for a host position. This guy was an old acquaintance of Brett’s. Before we collected him I asked Brett some questions about him.

“Ok, so you said you knew this guy Stephen right?”

“Steve is how I know him, yeah.”

“So, what’s his story?”

“Well, I know he gives good head, cause he’s blown me once. See, we were both working the same area downtown and this john wanted to pay for two dudes to get it on while he watched and wanked. So he picked me and Steve. I gave him a BJ for a while, then the john tells us to swap and Steve blows me ‘till I’m about to come. I looked at the john and he just nodded for me to blow. I did, and so did the john.”

“Ok, so he’s an experienced rent boy then?”

“Yeah, he’s been in the game longer than me I think. He worked in a brothel for a while though, so he has different experiences as well. Which I guess is good.”

“You don’t sound overly excited about him, what’s that all about?”

“Oh, I dunno. It’s not that I have any issues, I just don’t know him well enough to add much more. And it’s been a fair while since I even spoke to him except for today of course. He is cute though. I’d do him.”

“Ok, well, wanna go and bring him in then?”

Brett led Stephen in to the room and I looked him over again as he said hello and sat himself down. I could easily have been convinced that these two were brothers. Stephen was maybe a little taller than Brett, but he had the same colouring and the same build. He also had the same perfect teeth and grin to go with them. I started with the interview.

“Ok Stephen, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?”

“Right, well, first of all, please call me Steve. Only mum calls me Stephen. I’m 21 years old, I currently work as a sex worker which is what I have done since I was, well, officially since I was 18. But I do have five years experience at it. If you like you can take that as I have done quite a few double shifts.”

“Mmm, well, let’s make this an open and honest interview for the sake of full disclosure. Are you saying you started tricking when you were 16?”

“Alrighty then. Yeah, I got paid for it the first time just before my 17th birthday. I started working on the street at 17 and was a brothel worker as soon as I turned 18. I have done a bit of self employed street work since then too. That’s where I met Brett here.”

“So tell me about the sex work you have done. What are your limits? What have you done and what haven’t you done?”

“Ok, nothing illegal, now. Although there were a few times when I was really young that I did some dirty stuff. But not now. Always safe. Condoms for any fucking, guys or girls. Otherwise, you name it and I have probably done it.”

“Health wise? What’s the deal?”

“Well, I’m clean of all STIs as of the last check which was a week ago. I have been exposed to HPV, but what guy hasn’t right? I did have Chlamydia and gonorrhoea twice each and a non-specific urinary tract infection back when I was a kid. But the sexual health clinic fixed me up each time until I learned to play it safer.”

“Alright, so why do you want to come work here?”

“Basically for a change. I’m freelancing at the moment and quite frankly I’m getting sick of sneaking into damn hotels and blow jobs in the back of cars. The cash is Ok, but you know.”

“So, let’s talk a bit about the job you would be doing here. Yes, you would be a call boy, rent boy, hustler, whatever you want to call it, but that would just be part of what you did. If you work here, you work exclusively here. Not on the street, not in any other brothel, not from home. You would be expected to be here for at least a full shift each scheduled day, the shift times will be determined by management. That’s us by the way.

“Each day would be made up of a number of different tasks. Your primary task is to make the guests feel good. That means flirting with them, effectively giving them lap dances and basically trying to make them horny. All the time you are here you should be working on getting the guests to order time with you. When they do, you are working for them and you know how that works. There are private suites available if they want it private, but it’s up to them. If they want to fuck you in the bar, they can.

“Each time you get a private order you will get a bonus payment. That payment will be based on how long the session is and a few other criteria we can agree to from time to time. When you are not getting customers to order time with you, you will be helping out with other duties in the club. That means maintenance stuff, admin work maybe, and being eye candy for the guests. There’s quite a bit of crossover between the role of a host and of a guest services consultant. That’s what we are calling the guys who will do the majority of the cleaning, maintenance and eye candy duties.”

“Ok, so there’s not a rate card for different times and services? Like a fuck is the same charge as a hand job?”

“That’s right. The way it works is one of our hosts gets a base salary of $32,000. On top of that he gets a service bonus of $200 for each private appointment. If it’s more than three hours, then the host gets $400 gross.”

“So, let me get this right. There’s no real benefit for me to make the trick short and sweet?”

“That’s right. This is why it’s so different working here. We want the guests to feel unrushed and relaxed, and so should the hosts. But think about it. You have guaranteed base income, and on a good day you could bring in easy an extra $600.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty good. What about things like clothing allowance?”

Brett and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.

I explained for Steve.

“Simple really. You clock in here, you put your clothes in a locker, you shower and you are now dressed for work. The guest services consultants will have a uniform. A black bow tie. That’s just to indicate that they are not available for private sessions. No competition in other words. So no, there will be no clothing allowance. What we have outlined is what you get. Now, I think Brett has seen you naked, but I need to as well, can you strip for us please?”

Steve didn’t hesitate. In seconds he sat there naked.

“Ok, good, get hard would you please?”

Without taking his eyes from me he reached his hand down and started rubbing his balls and cock. Quickly his foreskin disappeared and his pink cock head made an appearance as he stiffened up. He took his hand away and let his erection rest across the dark fur in the middle of his belly. I motioned for him to stand up and turn around. He did as he was told. Quite an ass too! Steve sat and I continued talking to him.

“So, Brett tells me you have worked together once. Can you remember that?”

“Oh yeah, a watcher hired us both to suck each other off while he wanked. Actually I think I missed out on my half of the bargain ‘cause the john shot his wad just after I got a load in the face from Brett here.”

“And did that piss you off?”

“Not really nah, I was horny, but at least I was able to come for another john right after. With the amount this dude unloaded on me I doubt he could have come for a week after.”

“Well Brett, it’s only fair that you return the favour isn’t it? Steve, we want to see you shoot too, so I think Brett should follow up for you. But he’s got more interviews to do, so just come on your chest Ok?”

Steve shrugged his shoulders and lay back. Brett grumbled half heartedly and walked around the coffee table to kneel in front of Steve. For the first time I got to watch Brett giving a blow job from a distance. It was just as enticing that way as it was when he had my cock in his luscious mouth. I sat still with a dribbling hardon in my jeans as Brett expertly worked Steve over. Steve began to grunt and moan quietly and I could see he was edging closer and closer.

Steve leaned forward and tapped Brett twice on the shoulder. Brett immediately sat back as Steve took over with his hand. A moment later he grunted and we watched three decent squirts of cum splatter onto his chest and belly. Steve let go and lay back still having his orgasm as Brett returned to sit beside me. I noticed a very pronounced bulge in Brett’s jeans too.

“Very nice job guys. Don’t worry Steve, we’ll let you have a shower in a few minutes. Just sit there and drip for a bit.”

Steve laughed and massaged more cum from his dick onto his shiny black pubes.

“Ok,” I said, “let’s get down to the guts of this. If we offer you a host job, will you commit to working full time and exclusively to us on the terms we discussed?”

“Yeah, I could do that.”

“And when would you be able to start? We have some tasks that we are ready to go with right now – some web cam work. And of course the rest of the time the guys who start now will be training and helping get the place ready.”

“I could start today if you wanted me.”

“Well, I guess the one thing we can’t really find out from an interview is do you think you’re a good flirt?”

“Hell yeah. I pick up most of my marks in bars, so I think I’m a pretty fucking good flirt.”

“Ok then, go have your shower and we’ll discuss it.”

Brett showed Steve to the shower room and returned to ask me what I thought. I told him I thought that Steve was pretty cocky, but that was probably a good thing in the job. I also really liked that he had as much experience as he did, and yet still had a really young look. We agreed that we would offer him a host position.

Steve appeared washed and dried at the door and sauntered over towards me. He walked in front of me and bent over to apparently pick up a bottle of water from the table. However, he bent with his legs apart and succeeded in winking his little pink hole at me and giving me a great view of his drooping balls and the under side of his plump cock. He then pushed his ass back until his wispy ass hairs tickled my nose and I got a good smell of his manliness.

He then stood up, pretending to be surprised and turned around so that his cock bounced just in front of my face. He quickly ‘composed’ himself and plopped himself down on the couch between me and Brett. Immediately his hand was on my thigh and began exploring up to my crotch which was once again very firm. He found my hardon and rubbed it briefly.

“Oh, that’s nice sir! I hope you don’t mind if I flirt outrageously with you!”

Brett pushed Steve up from the couch grinning.

“Time for that later Steve, then you can let the boss fuck you for real. We’re offering you the job.”

“Fucking awesome! You can both fuck me now if you want!”

“Don’t worry,” I said, “it’ll probably happen sooner rather than later, but for now what I need you to do is turn up here at eight tonight with your tax and bank account details, oh, and drivers license too please so we can have proof of your age on file. Now I guess you should probably get dressed before you head out into the bar with the others waiting. Welcome to the club!”

Steve grinned and came over to give me a hug. It was a manly hug. He did the same to Brett and then started dressing. As he was putting his socks on he asked a question.

“You know, I’m surprised you never asked me about my sexuality.”

“Oh?” I replied.

“Yeah. I’m actually straight. But of course willing to do anything for money.”

“Um, Ok, well, a bit of a surprise, but it’s not a problem for me so long as it’s not a problem for you, and of course so long as you can perform.”

“Ryan, I get boned for anything sexual. Guy, girl, trans, myself, or whatever. It’s all good and just as hard either way.”

“Alright, well, let’s just keep that between us for now then huh?”

Steve nodded and smiled at us as he left the room to walk out through the waiting guys in the bar.

I looked over at Brett. He put his hand down the front of his jeans to adjust himself then grinned at me.

“Fuck dude, we’ll have to get some of these guys to blow us soon. Or else I’m gonna make a mess in my jeans.”

“I already have!” I said as I pointed out the damp spot my precum had made in my own jeans.

We both took large swigs of water and I went in to the bar to pick out the next guy. I scanned the application form as I walked. Name: Ted. Age: 18. Position: Host.

“Hi guys. Well, we’re getting there. We’ll break for lunch after this next interview, so those of you still waiting should probably go grab lunch now and we’ll be ready for the next guy in about an hour Ok? Right, so Ted, if you’ll come with me now, and I’ll see the rest of you guys at, let’s see, 12:30 then.”

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