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Part 16

Ted was quite a small guy, he stood no more than about five foot six. He had an unruly shock of white blond hair and a tanned face with a bright white smile. He looked slim, but not skinny and clearly the whole situation was an exciting adventure for him. His wide eyes and jittery glances made it clear that he was both excited and nervous. If I saw him on the street, I’d certainly assume he was at least a couple of years away from finishing high school.

After introducing ourselves and getting Ted seated with a can of cola I started the interview with what I thought was the most important practicality.

“Ok Ted, first thing I need you to do is show us some ID that shows your date of birth.”

He pulled a ragged cloth wallet from his back pocket and dug through it for a moment and then presented his drivers license. I took it from him and examined it very carefully. Ted had a restricted license, but that wasn’t what I was concerned with. I located the date of birth entry and checked very carefully to make sure it had not been altered. It looked good. Ted was 18, just. He had turned 18 only three days earlier. Brett took a good look to and then handed it back.

“Well,” I said, “happy birthday I guess! I have to say, I didn’t think you were 18 when I first saw you. So, just 18. Have you finished school yet?”

“Yep. I finished at the beginning of this summer. I’ve been free for three whole weeks.”

“Ok, and you have applied for a hosts position. I assume you know what that means in this place right? Ok, why do you want to do this job?”

“Um, well, to be honest, it’s been a fantasy of mine for quite a while to actually get paid for having sex. I know I don’t have any experience, but I kind of figure that being young kind of makes up for that a bit.”

“Sure it does. To an extent. But it also means we don’t know that you can perform. What’s your sexual experience so far?”

Ted giggled. “Well, actually I have been a bit of a slut. I discovered a year and a bit ago that I really like being fucked. So, anyone I find who’s interested in trying anal I kind of talk into fucking me. I’ve been fucked by 26 different guys in the last year.”

“I guess you’re lucky then that this is one of the few places you could find where that’s actually a useful boast!” Brett said.

“Yeah, true.” Ted went bright red.

“That’s cool,” I said, “what other sort of sex do you enjoy?”

“Oh, everything. I love sucking. I am told I’m a really good top when I do it too. Rimming is nice sometimes, and, well, anything really.”

“Do you only have sex with guys?”

“Yep. Never seen the attraction in girls I guess. I wouldn’t say I was like gay, I just like to have sex with guys.”

“Interesting, so what makes a guy gay then?”

“Hmm, I dunno. I guess guys who I think are gay are ones who sort of are more like chicks. You know, girly voices and makeup and stuff.”

“Interesting. Ok, fair enough then. Right, well, we need to see your body a bit then. Could you take off your t-shirt please?”

Ted’s torso was just as tanned as his face. He had a thin trail of light brown hair leading down to the waistband of his boxers, which were very visible with his low hanging jeans. I suspected his blond hair was half from a bottle and half sun bleached.

“Ok, jeans too please.”

He tugged at his baggy jeans without even undoing his belt and they slipped down to the floor. Stepping out of them he displayed firm smooth thighs, once again, very tan.

“Nice tan you got going there Ted. Is it all over?” Brett asked.

Ted pulled the side of his boxers down a little to show his tan line. He had a starkly white region where he obviously wore some fairly small swimming shorts.

“I don’t have a place where I can tan properly. Unfortunately.”

I looked up at Ted standing in front of us.

“So, do you know how to turn a guy on? Actually, have you ever seen a lap dance?”

“Yeah, well, in movies I have.”

“Care to show me?”

Ted leaned down and pushed the coffee table out of the way and carried over a standard chair from the table in the corner. He placed it in between the two couches and indicated that I should sit in the chair. I sat down and he immediately sat in my lap and leaned his warm light body back into my chest and nuzzled his head into the side of my neck. I smelled his strong teen odour and drank in the smell happily.

Ted then sprang up and turned himself around, straddling my lap and facing me. He clasped his hands together behind my neck and leaned back, pushing his crotch into my stomach where I felt a firming pressure from under his boxers. He then leaned forward so that my face rubbed gently against his chest and he lifted my arms and gently positioned them so that I was holding the back of his ass. Then he began wriggling seductively, making sure he was grinding his ass right on my pounding erection.

Ted then stood up and turned away from me, bent over and dropped his boxers to the floor. He lifted my hands once more and placed them on his ass and pushed back until I began rubbing his ass cheeks. Then he sat down once more, right on my cock. Leaning back he guided my hands around his body so that I was embracing his naked torso. My hand moved down and found a nice rock hard cock to caress. I rubbed it up and down and Ted squirmed on my lap slotting my own hardon between his tightly clenched butt cheeks.

He turned his face to smile at me.

“Was that what you were meaning?”

“Yeah, and now I think you had better suck me off before I shoot in my jeans.”


Ted stood up and turned to face me so I could see his cock for the first time. It was dead straight, about six inches long and pointed straight at me. His foreskin had trapped a tiny little drop of precum and out of raw instinct I leaned forward and licked it clean. The taste was amazing. I had always appreciated the taste of raw excitement in a young guy. Ted’s just overpowered me and I almost came before getting my fly undone.

Ted went to work and quickly devoured my cock, sticky with precum as it was. He had clearly done this quite a few times before. No teeth, plenty of tongue under foreskin and very controlled gag reflex. Very shortly I told him I was about to come. He hummed his approval and increased the pace of his head bobbing. I exhaled a huge breath as I began shooting cum into his mouth. He kept my cock firmly in his mouth for another couple of minutes as I lay back in the chair panting. His gentle sucking milked the last from my now only semi hard cock as he finally slurped away from me and looked up at me smiling and licking his lips.

“Well that was a big tasty load.”

“Thank you.” I said, “And now we know that you really do know how to suck cock. That’s a good thing in this business!”

Brett cleared his throat loudly and raised his eyebrows at me as I sat with my cock still out staring at Ted’s hardon in front of me.

“Right. Yeah. Ok Ted, we need to just see you come now. Can you just have a quick wank and shoot it for us please?”

“Sure, no problemo.”

Ted sat on the couch where I had been sitting so that he was between Brett and I. He quickly started stroking himself with his right fist while his left hand crept over to caress the tent in Brett’s jeans. Brett allowed him to rub his cock until he was fully hard and then lifted the firm but gentle hand away to stop Ted.

“Just focus on yourself dude. We need you to shoot now Ok?”

“Sure thing.”

About ten seconds later Ted panted quickly, arched his back and shot a sticky white rocket straight up in the air. The thick ropes of very white cum then splattered onto his tanned belly contrasting beautifully with his skin. Ted’s body relaxed and his ass flopped back down to the seat of the couch and he grinned once more.

Because he was so close to me, the smell of his cum was strong in my nostrils. I realised my cock, which was still exposed, had once again risen to full mast. I tucked it away and zipped up my fly before it could get into any more trouble.

“So,” I said, “let me get this right. You are just 18, you have always wanted to get paid for sex, you love being fucked and having sex with guys, and you don’t have a problem wanking in front of two strangers, let alone sucking one of them off and swallowing it all too in fact. Is that fair?”

“Ah, yeah, seems about right to me.”

“Ok, so, tell me this. Do you think you would have a problem if the job requirement included that when you clock in at work, the first thing you do is strip and have a shower, then stay naked until you clock out? Basically we would need you to be naked at pretty much all times, in all parts of the club.”

“That’s cool, I like to show off. I may be short, but I reckon I’m pretty hot anyway.”

“I think we agree Ted. Ok, I think you need a shower now for sure. Brett will show you where to go, then come back and we will let you know what happens next.”

Brett returned and sat down beside me on the couch. I had restored the furniture to its original position and was busy checking around me for cum splatters.

“So obviously the first interviewee to suck off the boss is going to get an offer, the question is which job?”

I laughed.

“Well, takes a bit more than just making me come. Sure, it helps a lot, but I dunno, should we offer him something?”

“Yeah. At least a cleaning job, but I reckon with some training he’d be a really good hustler.”

“Alright, sounds good.”

Ted reappeared at the door and we motioned him in and asked him to take a seat once more.

“We have been discussing your application. A couple of questions first though. First of all, have you ever been checked for STIs?”


Ted reached down to his jeans and pulled out a folded piece of paper and handed it to me. I took it and looked at the test results from the local sexual health clinic. It indicated that he had completed all of the tests the day before and was clear of all known sexually transmitted infections.

“Very good, obviously if you got a job with us you would need to ensure you always practice safer sex, and there would be regular checkups like this one. Have you ever had an STI?”

“Um, when I was 16 I got Chlamydia from fucking bareback. Ever since I discovered that I have used condoms every time. I was young and stupid, and couldn’t afford rubbers. When I got the symptoms I though I was gonna die of course and went to the hospital. Luckily the doctor there took one look and referred me to the sexual health clinic. They sorted me out and gave me buckets of free condoms and lube.”

“Yeah, they’re good like that. So, what questions do you have for us?”

“Ah, so what’s the pay like to work here?”

“Good question. It’s good. Our hosts get a base salary which is more than minimum wage, even if they don’t have any customers at all. Each time you have a customer you get a bonus payment, that’s anything from $200 to $400 depending on the length of the appointment.”

“Wow, cool! Ok, is all this legal? My dad’s a lawyer and if he ever finds out about this and there’s something he can have a go at, he will.”

“No, it’s all totally legal. Brett and I are both licensed brothel keepers and this place has all the permits it needs to operate. You wouldn’t be doing anything illegal at all. Just out of interest, are you living with your parents at the moment?”

“Not really. I mean officially yeah, but for the last two weeks I have been staying with some mates in a place here in the city. If I get this job I’ll be moving in permanently with them.”

“Ok Ted, I guess you better give them a call and tell them you’re staying then.”

Ted looked puzzled.

“We want you to start tomorrow. We’re going to take you on as a general employee at first while we give you some training in sex work. In a few months time, if you are doing well in the sex work, then you’ll graduate to being a full time host with us. So, for now what we will offer is a salary of $29,000. And, for each paying customer session you’ll get 80% of the standard rate. Once you graduate to full host status, you move to $32,000 and the full bonus rate.”

Ted’s face lit up and he shot his fist up in the air in victory.

“Fucking awesome man! Oh, My, God! You don’t know how incredibly awesome this is! Can I, can I give you guys a hug?”

Ted leapt over the table as we stood up and embraced me in a bear hug. He squeezed me tight and then turned to Brett. He gave Brett the same hug and then planted a big kiss on his surprised lips.

After Ted had dressed and left the room I looked over to Brett.

“This is going to be one hell of a fun place to be the boss. Let’s go get some lunch, I’m starved.”

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