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Part 17

At 7.30 that night we had one guy left waiting in the bar to interview. One guy had taken off at 4pm fed up with waiting, we had turned another down because he wasn’t prepared to get naked for the guests and another because he annoyed the hell out of both of us. We had however offered two more positions. We offered a cleaner role to Andy, a young part Chinese guy who had the most enticing eyes and a body to kill for. He wasn’t interested in becoming a host, but he was friendly, confident and ready to do anything else we needed.

We were just finishing up with our fifth hire, an 18 year old friend and now roommate of Ted. His name was Theo and he was a very well built young gym bunny. Theo was also interested in eventually becoming a host, but was nowhere near as passionate about it as Ted was. We had offered him a cleaner role with the option to train as a host when he felt he wanted to. We had of course asked him to get naked and hard for us, but sensing his nervousness I hadn’t asked him to come. I wanted to make sure he knew exactly what he was getting into.

“So, before we let you go mate, I just want to be totally sure what sort of thing you will have to do in your job. Ok, so picture this: A guest has just hired your buddy Ted for an hour or so and took him into one of the shared playrooms. There he’s fucked Ted for about 40 minutes on one of the floor mats until Ted’s shot cum all over the floor and mat. Then he’s pulled out, dropped the condom on the floor and unloaded himself all over Ted’s face. Most of that has dripped onto the floor as well. Your job is to go in there when they leave, mop up all that cum and sweat, pick up the used rubber and make the place spotless. You Ok with that?”

“Actually, sounds kind of hot! I love the smell of cum. Actually that’s what helped me get hard just before. I could smell fresh cum in here somewhere. I would be able to get gloves for stuff like that though right?”

“Gloves, yeah of course. The cum smell, well, check out the big wet spot right by your shoulder there. That was left by one of your new co-workers a little while ago.”

Theo looked at it and gave it a good sniff, a grin spreading across his face as he adjusted his jeans. Brett laughed.

“Fuck Ryan, this guy’s gonna have a perpetual hardon working here if a wiff of jizz does it for him!”

We all laughed and joked as Theo left through the bar. I looked at the very last application form, stretched, and went to the bar to collect him. The last guy there looked expectantly at me from the couch. The lowering sun spilled in across the bar and brightly illuminated the part Maori guy sitting there. His hair was dark and close cropped, his skin a golden brown in the orange sunlight. Even though his shirt would be loose fitting on most guys, on him it was skin tight around his biceps and I could see a peak of some dark tattoos hiding underneath it.

“Hi, John? Cool, come on in, sorry we’ve been so long!”

John followed me in and sat on the couch where so many others had sat that day. Brett introduced himself and I started right in with the application form.

“So, you have applied for anything we can offer according to this. Tell us a bit about yourself, actually, let’s cut to the chase. We have had all the applicants so far strip off for us because if you work here, you’ll need to show off your body. Why don’t we start with you getting naked for us? You can tell us about yourself while you strip.”

John shrugged and started taking off his shoes.

“About me, Ok, well, I’m a Maori dude, obviously. I’m 24 and looking for a change in job.”

The socks slipped off and were placed neatly in the shoes.

“Right now I’m working as a bouncer at a strip club, a straight one, and I’m sick to death of horny straight dudes getting out of hand all the time, and them walking around with hardons all the time doesn’t help me much either.”

He finished unbuttoning his shirt and slipped it off over his broad shoulders. The tats were now clearly visible. He had Maori tribal patterns around his left bicep and up and over his left shoulder. They were very well done.

“I have done a bunch of things in the past. I’ve been a bartender, I’ve been a dancer, I’ve done some acting and I did a tourism degree at university.”

John’s belt was now undone and he was unzipping his fly. As he talked he slipped his jeans down to display that he was going commando. The jeans hit the floor and John sat there a tower of naked masculine muscle. His meaty cock flopped to the left and draped itself over his powerful thigh.

“Good to see you’re not shy.” I said.

John answered me by smiling at us and giving his cock a quick stroke with his left hand.

“So, do you know what all the roles are we advertised?”

“I think so, but please explain so I’m not assuming anything.”

“Well, keeping it short and sweet then. We are looking for some guys to be cleaners. Their role is to first of all make sure the place is always clean and well stocked with necessities. They are also here to be eye candy for the punters. We are also looking for guest services staff, they will be responsible for things like membership management, reception, and bar staffing. They will also be eye candy. And the final main role is a host. The hosts are here to fulfil the fantasies of the guests. Their job is to get the guests horny and then get them off. Obviously those guys are eye candy too.”

“Cool, well, I’ve had all day to check out the other guys you are interviewing and it’s clear that they’re all cute, but I’d say I was easily the oldest of all of them. That’s a problem right?”

Brett answered.

“Well, yeah, you’re a couple of years older than the others, but personally I think you’re by far the hottest of the lot, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

John blushed and looked down embarrassed as we both saw his cock twitch and grow just a little.

“Thanks Brett. No, I don’t mind at all, in fact I guess I should state for the record that I’m totally into guys.”

“Nah,” said Brett, “you don’t need to tell us that, but it’s cool and probably makes the job easier, so that’s sweet.”

“So John,” I said interrupting, “does that thing get any bigger?”

“Wanna see?”

“Yeah, play with it while we carry on talking, let’s see if you can multi-task.”

John grinned and started running a finger up and down his soft and supple shaft. His cock head started to quickly peek out from under its hood and within a couple of minutes he was slowly stroking a magnificent thick and hard erection as we talked.

“Have you ever been paid for sex?”

“Not in cash, but I have I guess used it for other reward a few times.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, when I was a lot younger I traded a blow job for a bed for the night a few times. I have also given a straight mate head a couple of times for beers and shit like that. I love doing it, they love getting it, so it’s all good shit to me. But nah, I’ve never officially been a prostitute.”

“But you’d be Ok doing that?”

“I guess, but I wouldn’t say it was my passion in life. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love sex and if I can get a job where sex is a part of it, fantastic! Actually, something where I was doing like a cross between the guest services type role and also getting my rocks off would be fucking awesome.”

“Interesting you say that. We haven’t really set policy about this sort of stuff yet, but I think what we’ll say is something like ‘If it doesn’t impact the job you are supposed to be doing, and if it doesn’t happen all, the time, then it’s Ok for employees to have sex at work, with each other, or with guests.’ In fact, it’s sort of like a free bonus for the guests really. Wow, that thing’s looking hard and slippery!”

John looked down and inspected the slick cock in his fist. Using a thumb he pushed it out from his body showing us the leaking cock in its full glory. While staring intently at it I noticed some movement in the corner of my eye. I looked up to see Steve standing in the open doorway with papers in his hand. I looked at my watch and saw it was just after 8.

“Yo dude, we’ll be done here in a couple of minutes, just take a seat out there will you?”

Steve nodded and disappeared from the doorway.

“Hmm, where were we. Ok, well how about if we give you a trial run as a guest services consultant then? I think you would be awesome at it. OH, and I guess I should really ask if you have any questions first!”

“Um, well, fuck, cher! I guess I gotta ask what you pay.”

“Right, well, we do all pay here on salary. The general expectation is around 40 hours a week, but occasional extra will be needed from time to time. For that you work the shifts we need, with of course room for negotiation. We’d want to offer you a starting salary of $33,000.”

“Sweet, that’s actually about the same I’m on now, but this is more steady and sounds like a much better environment. You said we all have to be eye candy right, what do I wear for work?”

“A smile, a bow tie and a hardon whenever possible.” I said grinning.

“He’s totally serious.” Brett said to John’s laugh.

“Ok, a bow tie. That’s easy to keep tidy I guess! Cool. When do I start?”

“When can you start?”

“I guess I need to give the strip club a week’s notice, but my shift there is 11 to 4, so I can work before 11 any night till then.”

“Deal! You start tomorrow then. Be here at say 10 in the morning with bank, tax and ID details and we’re all go. Now, I think we need to let you do something about that.”

I pointed at the stiff cock poking out of John’s lap and he grinned. He looked at my crotch as I stood up to shake his hand.

“Looks like you have a similar problem, boss.”

“Well, I’ve been watching dudes wanking all day, what do you expect?”

“Ha!” exclaimed Brett, “You already came once today, I’ve been sitting here all fucking day with a throbbing one!”

I thought for a moment before speaking.

“Ok, this sounds really tacky, but I think this calls for a nice group wank to celebrate the end of a successful day. Ah, hold on.”

I stood again and went into the bar area. Steve was standing at the bay windows looking out onto the darkening street below.

“Steve, come on in bud, we’ve just finished the last interview and the three of us need to ‘bust a nut’. Care to join us?”

“So, what, does that mean my first official task working for you is to have a wank?”

“Ah, yeah, why not. Come on.”

Steve smirked and raised his palms in the air in mock surrender and followed me obediently into the other room. We introduce Steve and John briefly, and Steve took a seat on the couch beside John while Brett and I quickly slipped out of our clothes, tossing them onto the floor behind the couch. We were both pretty firm already, and as soon as our cocks were released, they grew stiff almost instantly. Steve ignored us and turned to chat to John, who was still gently massaging his thick hardon.

“You got a hard body there dude, I take it you work out a heap?”

“Yeah. When I get a chance. Mostly it’s just lots of active work. So, you gonna get with the program Steve? The three of us are rubbing one out.”

Steve nodded and unzipped his fly. He fished his cock out of his pants and started rubbing his foreskin between his thumb and fingers. Soon he too was hard like the rest of us. John couldn’t take his eyes off the emerging hardon right beside him. He eventually looked right at Steve’s face.

“Is it too soon for me to ask if I can suck your dick?”

Steve just shucked his jeans right off and twisted around on the couch so his crotch was facing John full on. He took the invitation right away, jumping up onto his hands and knees on the couch so that he could descend onto Steve’s cock. Steve leaned his head back and moaned.

“Oh fuck! This fulla knows how to suck cock!”

I stood up and walked over to the couch where the action was happening. I lay my hand gently on John’s ass and leaned down to whisper in his ear.

“You don’t mind if I check out this hard bod up close and personal do you?”

“Mmmm mmph” he agreed.

I ran my hand down John’s back and caressed his round but firm ass cheeks. He twisted and opened his legs for me to get better access to his curves and cracks. Taking the hint I let my hand run down his ass crack, lingering for a moment in the thick hair protecting his pink hole. My hand then rubbed firmly down over his taint and found the soft skin of his ball sack pulled up tight against his body.

I ran my hand through the wispy hairs on his sack and my fingers discovered the rock solid flesh of his cock. It bounced with every beat of his heart, and when my hand wrapped around it he moaned and squirmed once more. I felt the sort of lust that comes to me only occasionally and acted on it there and then. I got down onto my knees and plunged my head in to find the stiff and leaking cock that was waiting for me.

I didn’t need to know that he had been wanking slowly for the last 30 minutes, the smell of his arousal made that very clear. I drank in the sight and smell, then gave in and latched on to his cock with my mouth. John helped by pushing his legs even further apart and also pushing his pelvis forward so that I could get at him easier. His cock had a strong and salty tang to it. It was also very slick from the build up of precum over the last half hour.

I let one of my hands creep up to his balls once again, while with the other I massaged my own precum into the stretched skin of my cock. I reached up past his balls and flicked a finger over his puckered hole. John’s body twitched again and he moaned loudly. I tasted more salt in my mouth and knew he was very close. Taking advantage of that I pressed my finger more firmly and felt it enter the tight ring of flesh.

I heard John suck in a deep breath through his nose, which was still buried in Steve’s pubes and then felt his body tighten up as he approached the inevitable orgasm. I kept both my mouth and finger where they were and waited for the reward. John held back as long as he could but then I felt the waves of release flowing through his body and causing waves of cum to fill my mouth and trickle down my throat. I kept sucking on John’s hard cock for another minute, then extracted myself from under his solid and masculine form.

Emerging into fresh air I took a deep and cooling breath and then looked up to see that John continued to suck on Steve, who was now also shirtless and licking on Brett’s hard cock head. Steve turned his attention away from Brett as John came up for air. Steve grabbed his cock, gave it a quick stroke and made it erupt all over his chest and stomach. Seeing that he was no longer of use to Steve, John grabbed my cock and started wanking me as I stood there beside them all. I was so close to coming that I didn’t even bother to let anyone know, I just threw my head back and let myself come.

I opened my eyes when I felt my knees begin to weaken from the intense sensation as John continued to rub the super sensitive head of my cock. Looking down as I gently lifted John’s hand away I saw that I had laid down several long thick ropes of cum onto the reclined body of Steve. A couple had even found his face. It was a scene a porn director would have been proud of. I squeezed my sweaty body in between the other two spent guys on the couch. Steve laid his legs over my lap as I rested against the hot and sweat slick body of John.

“Open wide bitches!”

We all looked up at Brett who stood at the end of the couch wanking hard. His balls bounced on Steve’s forehead as he wanked. He then stopped and held his cock pointing out at us. Within seconds all three of us had a share of Brett’s cum on us. Brett let go of his throbbing cock and the remaining cum pulses rolled down his stiff cock, over his balls and into Steve’s hair. He then sauntered back to the other couch and flopped down onto it and looked at the rest of us on the other couch and grinned.

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