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Part 1

The Cold Wind

It was back in the late 1930's when a remote, automated Vanguard listening post started picking up faint radio signals. Different from the background roar of naturally occuring radio signals, these were calculated to be of intelligent origin, to a high degree of probability.

The listening post relayed the information to the closest Vanguard colony. The data were studied by engineers, to make sure that it was legitimate. Over the following decades, the signals grew in complexity and strength. Eventually, it was decided to send a ship to investigate and observe the species responsible.

If the mission found the new species to be a threat it would be reported, and suitable military action would be taken to neutralize it. Should the the mission not report back, the species would also be considered a threat.

Intelligent life was a rare phenomenon, and few other intelligent species had been discovered by the Vanguard. The few they had found had turned out to be dangerous, unstable or primitive. This new species would soon join the growing list of extinctions if the mission report gave any cause for concern.

Stares-Into-Space increased power to the singularity generators, which set the whole ship trembling as the portal gantries extended in front of the ship, Victorious-Hunting. As the generators reached their maximum output, a star-speckled area in front of the ship materialized as a small portion of the space, in this peculiar region of nothingness, was ripped open by the titanic gravitational forces acting upon it.

Victorious-Hunting slipped back into real space with a burst of blue Cherenkov radiation, which quickly dissipated as the generators powered down. The violation of conventional physics quickly blinked out of existence behind the ship, as it coasted through space, away from the exit point.

A loud buzzing noise startled Stares-Into-Space, and he ducked out of the way as a shower of sparks and smoke blew out of the Faster Than Light (FTL) control console. The small explosion was accompanied by a series of alarms, as the output of one of the generators spiked during its shut down phase and blew out several large power regulators.

Predator looked over to where Stares-Into-Space was crouching, first eyeing the smoking console, then the engineer. 'It cannot be too serious', he thought to himself. They were still in one piece, and the Engineer wasn't running, screaming, for an escape-pod. Given the age of the ship, it wasn't too surprizing that it was starting to fall apart. Maintenance of exploration vessels wasn't exactly high on the military's list of priorities, it seemed to him.

"Quit cowering, and make sure the gantries have retracted," Predator said, frowning at the cowering engineer.

Stares-Into-Space got to his feet, and self-consciously looked around, before heading over to the navigation console. "Hrrr, gantries one, three and four are secured," he hissed. "Number two is still deployed. It has jammed, again. It should not stop us from continuing, however it may take some time to repair."

"Very well. Get on with it. I will be with Crater if you need me. Time to see what these... creatures... are like." Predator got up and left the bridge, warily giving the smoking FTL console a wide berth.

It was a stunningly clear, crisp, winter night and the stars barely twinkled in the frigid air. Tainui Rauwhero lay under a blanket on his back, staring up at the glittering sky. One hand was idly rubbing a nipple, and the other, down the front of his pants, was slowly stroking his erect cock. The 22-year-old Maori roadie wasn't thinking about those kinds of stars, however. He was thinking about a stunningly attractive, 18-year-old pop star singer, who was climbing onto the back of the truck where he was lying.

Initially it had been a superficial attraction. But as the weeks wore on, Tainui had come to realize that Andrej Hannan was actually a seriously talented boy. Surprizingly, the fame and fortune hadn't turned him into an ego-monster, either. In fact, Andrej often appeared a little overwhelmed by the frenzied attention of the public and media. On the few occasions when he had actually met Andrej face-to-face, the boy seemed friendly, if somewhat shy.

So Tainui just watched the practices and performances from afar, as Andrej sang. He pretended that the attractive boy was singing to him, and him alone.

Andrej's foot slipped on a dew covered ladder rung, and he cursed softly as he hung onto the cold metal for dear life. Tainui, startled by the sudden noise, whipped his hand out of his pants and sat up. Looking around, he saw someone making his way up the ladder on the back of the truck. "Who the hell is that?" he hissed at the shape in the dark.

Andrej winced at the tone in Tainui's voice, but resumed climbing anyway. Clambering awkwardly onto the top of the truck, he slowly approached the wary roadie. "Sorry, man. Didn't mean to disturb you. Just thought I'd get a bit of fresh air, away from the others, for a while."

Tainui's heart skipped a beat, as he recognised the intruder in the dark. The very person he'd just been fantasizing about. "Mr Hannan! Sorry, I didn't recognize you." He quickly rearranged the blanket to hide the throbbing presence in his pants.

Andrej crossed his legs, and sat on the cold metal, straining to make out the features of the roadie in the darkness. He had first noticed Tainui a few weeks back, while they were touring. The Maori was one of several roadies they had to lug the band's gear around, setting it up for the various concerts.

Tall, with black hair, olive-brown skin and stunning green eyes, Tainui stood out like a beacon, compared to the rest of the roadie gang. The others were pretty much all fat, ugly, white guys in their early 40's. Quite often working without a shirt as he laboured with various heavy equipment, Tainui had no idea that Andrej was watching him performing. He was a very appreciative, if unnoticed, audience.

Andrej casually questioned some of the other roadies one day, to see if they knew much about the new guy.

"His name's Tainui Ralphy-something. From that Nooooo Zeeeeland country," drawled Gary, in his exaggerated Texan accent. Gary Fielding, the band's manager and promoter, had been standing nearby smoking a cigar. It was an obnoxious and disgusting habit the man had taken up since the band became popular, and the money started rolling in.

Andrej really didn't like Gary, but had never said anything, as Gary was the family friend of one of his band mates. He also suspected Gary of diddling them out of quite a bit of money but, so far, had not found any hard evidence of this. He had asked one of the accountants to look into the books more closely.

Andrej had tried, unsuccessfully, on several occasions to talk Tainui alone, but with their busy touring schedule, it just hadn't worked out.

"Hey, none of that Mister crap. Just call me Andrej. It's Tainui, isn't it? Your name, I mean?" Andrej sighed, inwardly. 'Way to go, moron. Could you possibly sound any more eager and pathetic?' he thought, mentally kicking himself.

"Yeah. My friends call me Tai. I was just up here watching the stars, relaxing." Tainui looked up at the stars again, trying to look nonchalant, sitting in the cold and blushing furiously, profoundly grateful it was dark. 'Strange kinda place to get fresh air, isn't it?' he wondered to himself, thinking about Andrej's excuse for being out here in the cold and dark.

Tainui had been making his way around the world, on what he called his 'big O.E.' (overseas experience). Just about out of money, he heard about a job going as a roadie for some new band. He'd applied, not knowing who the band was at the time. When he found out who they were, he was completely floored. Custom Nightmare: A four-piece electronica/rock group consisting of two guys, a girl, and... Andrej Hannan.

The fickle public, it seemed, was getting a bit jaded about all the monotonous sounding rap and R'n'B groups. Custom Nightmare had come out of nowhere, and captured the public's imagination.

Although the work was hard, and the money wasn't that great, Tainui had jumped at the opportunity anyway. Especially as the music rocked hard, and the attractive lead singer rocked even harder...

"Sorry, I'll leave you alone then -"

"No, that's OK. Please stay. It would be nice to have some company. Just a little surprized you're not still in your trailer. It ain't exactly warm, or comfortable, out here." Tainui didn't see the relieved look on Andrej's face in the dark.

Andrej shrugged. "Sometimes I just need a bit of space, y'know? Get out and clear my head a bit." Tainui nodded at him in the dark. "Speaking of warm, though, don't s'pose you wanna share your blanket, do ya, Tai?" he asked, shivering in the chilly Winter air.

Tainui pulled the blanket loose, and held it out to Andrej. "Here, all yours."

"What about you? Won't you get cold?"

"Nah, she'll be right, mate."

Andrej didn't sound convinced. "Be warmer if you joined me; it's big enough for the both of us. Don't worry, I don't bite."

Tainui hesitated for a few moments, making Andrej mentally kick himself. 'Geeze you sound like a desperate fag!' he thought, cringing. 'Oh well, fortune favours the stupid...' Andrej shuffled over, and wrapped part of the blanket around the roadie's shoulders.

Tainui tucked the offered blanket around himself and sighed gratefully. He couldn't believe he was sitting so close to the object of his recent, sweaty fantasies.

It was quiet for a few minutes, as they both sat there and looked at the sky in companionable silence. When Tainui turned to look at Andrej, he was startled to see tears on the singer's face, shining faintly in the starlight. Throwing caution to the wind, Tainui wrapped one of his big arms around the boy and pulled him close.

Trembling slightly, Andrej laid his head on the roadie's shoulder and closed his eyes, savouring the warmth, and quiet strength, of Tainui's presence.

"What's wrong, bro?" Tainui asked.

Andrej shook his head, and said nothing. Out of his depth at the sudden, strange turn of events, Tainui rearranged himself so that he was nestled up against Andrej's back. He pulled the blanket around them a bit tighter. Wrapping his arms around the boy, Tainui rested his face against the back of Andrej's neck, the fine hairs tickling his lips as he sat there, wondering to himself at the situation he now found himself in.

Sighing, Andrej spoke quietly, barely more than a whisper. "I get so lonely, sometimes. Even though I'm surrounded by so many people all the time. But they're all strangers, Tai. And they all want something. It's hard to find someone - someone just to get close to. Heh, you must think I'm a real loser," Andrej laughed softly at himself. "Sorry, man. I'll take my drama back to my trailer, and leave you in peace." He tried to get up, but the roadie refused to let him go.

Tainui then surprized him, kissing him softly on the back of his neck, his voice muffled slightly. "You could have anyone you wanted. Pretty girls throw themselves at you, at every gig. Instead, you come out here in the cold and dark, to spend time with me instead?"

Andrej nodded and hung his head. "I've seen the way you look at me, Tai. Not like the groupies do, they're just batshit insane. They don't want me for me - they just want the image of me. All they see is just a famous, pretty face; They don't care about the person behind it." He laughed sadly, and said softly, "besides, I'm not exactly down with the ladies, if you get what I mean." Andrej paused for a few moments before continuing. "I've probably said too much, but thanks for listening, Tai. It means a lot."

Tainui squeezed him, and said nothing. He was content just to hold the boy close for the time being.

Overhead, a small pin-point of light moving across the sky started getting brighter, developing a long tail as it sped across the starry expanse. The sudden increase in light made both of them look up.

"Hey, a shooting star. Make a wish!" Andrej whispered.

"No need; got it already."

Andrej decided to go for broke. Turning his head slightly he looked Tainui in the eyes and tentatively brushed his lips against Tainui's. Tainui responded by returning the kiss passionately, thrusting his tongue between Andrej's lips. A rather insistent, throbbing, pressure against his back, where Tainui had his legs wrapped around his waist, signalled to Andrej that his new-found friend was more than happy with the direction things were going.

Coming up for air, Andrej whispered huskily to his companion, "Let's take this back to my trailer where it's a bit warmer."

"No argument here, mate!" Tainui disentangled himself, and after wrapping the blanket around Andrej, made his way over to the ladder and down, followed quickly by the boy.

They were both too preoccupied to notice as the shooting star slowed, altered direction and headed back toward them, quickly disappearing behind a nearby mountain range.

Once across the dew-laden grass, and inside the warm trailer, Andrej pushed a surprised Tainui over onto the bed and leapt on top of him. He straddled the roadie's hips and pushed his tongue as far into Tainiu's mouth as it would go, while grinding his straining erection against the other man.

"God, you're fucking amazing," Andrej moaned into Tainui's mouth, as they tongue-wrestled like wild things, while rubbing his hands up underneath Tainui's shirt. Briefly sitting up, he ripped his sweatshirt and t-shirt off, and started tugging at his belt.

Tainui wriggled around under him, trying to shuck off his own top. He had to push the wriggling boy off his lap to free himself of his track pants. He studied Andrej, as the boy stripped, delighted at his recent change in fortune.

While on the slightly slim and pale side, Andrej had nicely developed arms, legs, pecs, and the beginnings of a wicked six-pack. A sparse treasure-trail of dark hair disappeared down into the waist-band of his jeans; the latter being hastily whipped off, and discarded on the now clothes-strewn floor.

Andrej's rigid cock swayed slightly, as he finished disrobing and he stared at the naked roadie grinning lecherously at him from the bed. An olive-brown skinned, brawny hunk, with a thick, uncut cock with impressively sized balls poked regally into the air from a thick patch of dark hair. While his own dick was nicely proportioned, it was no match to the brown python staring hungrily up at him from the bed, leaking obscene amounts of glistening pre-cum from the partially exposed head.

Looking almost too good to be true, Andrej fell to his knees in between Tainui's thighs, wasting no time in impaling his face with the huge cock; as much of it as would fit in his mouth, anyway.

Arching his back in pleasure, and thrusting his hips into Andrej's face, Tainui whimpered softly at the wonderful feelings he was experiencing. Even though Andrej was not very experienced at giving head (teeth occasionally scraping the senstive head of Tainui's cock), he more than made up for it in sloppy enthusiasm.

Briefly coming up for air, Andrej decided to focus his attention on the two large balls nestled invitingly at the base of the spit-slick cock. He inhaled deeply, drawing in the aroma of a hot, sweaty man, in his youthful prime. The scent made him almost delerious with lust, as he licked and then sucked them into his mouth, one at a time, and gently rolling them around on his tongue.

"Oh fuck! That feels so good, bro," Tainui moaned, and spread his legs further apart to allow Andrej better access.

Following his instincts, Andrej pushed his tongue further down, but he was thwarted by the bed. He stopped licking, and started pushing on Tainui's thighs. "Roll over, Tai, I want that ass!"

"You sure? It's clean, but I haven't showered for a few hours."

"Yeah man, move it or lose it!"

Laughing, Tainui flipped himself over and spread his legs again, feeling Andrej's hot breath on his ballsack, as the boy's tongue quickly went back into action. Rubbing his hands down Tainui's muscular back and across the tight, almost hairless, butt-cheeks, Andrej muttered huskily, "Damn, you're so hot..."

He grabbed both cheeks and spread them, diving in for the prize. Kissing and licking up and down the exposed crack, pausing only to probe gently at the quivering and clenched hole with his tongue, Andrej was in heaven. He set to eating ass like a starving man at a banquet, while Tainui ground his aching crotch into the sheets.

Tainui had been with a few guys in the past, but none of them came close to matching the enthusiasm shown by the attractive, raven-haired boy going to town on his ass. He was close to blowing his load as he squirmed against the sheets. Wasting it on the bed wasn't his plan of attack, however. He was hoping that Andrej would be interested in taking a ride on his wild-side, in the very near future. But, for now, he wanted to do a bit of taste-testing himself.

"That was fucking amazing, bro. Now it's my turn!" Tainui flipped over and pinned the smiling, red-faced boy to the bed, passionately kissing him. "Enjoying yourself, so far?" he asked, as he started kissing Andrej's neck, and nibbling on the boy's ears.

"Hell yeah... You've got an amazing body; so fucking hot!"

"You're pretty bloody amazing, yourself." Tainui lay on his back and pulled Andrej on top of him so the boy was straddling his chest, and looked into his eyes. "Fuck my face, and don't be gentle. Fuck me like you mean it."

Andrej giggled and rubbed the tip of his oozing cock over Tainui's face and lips. "You want this?" he teased.

"Damn straight!" Tainui hissed, virtually inhaling the cock in front of him.

Andrej gasped with obvious pleasure at the amazing sensations, as he rocked his straining cock in and out of Tainui's hot, wet mouth.

Bringing his hands up, Tainui grabbed the Andrej's butt and started squeezing and stroking the hot, soft flesh, pulling the boy further into his waiting mouth. Never having had a deep-throat blowjob before, Andrej was amazed at the feeling. "Uh.. I.. I'm close, Tai... Oh god.. Real close!" he moaned.

Tainui moved one of his hands further into the crack of the boy's ass, and started fingering the puckered hole as Andrej fucked his face, balls slapping against his chin.

"Oh yeah! Fuck yeah, god!" Tainui felt the cock expand slightly in his mouth, and he jammed a finger quickly into Andrej's ass, a fraction of a second before the boy exploded in his mouth.

"Holy shit, oh man, Tai oh god, yeah!" Andrej cried incoherently, as hot, sweet cum flooded into Tainui's mouth and down his chin, the boy's cock buried to the hilt in his throat.

Tainui gently pulled his finger out of Andrej's spasming hole, and eased the sweating boy onto the bed next to him. Popping the finger into his mouth, he sucked it for a few seconds. Pulling it back out again he looked thoughtfully at it, then smiled at the panting boy lying beside him. "Mmm," he muttered quietly. "Cherry."

Andrej burst out laughing, and whacked Tainui on the thigh. "That was fucking amazing. That thing you did with your finger? Right as I was coming.. I've never felt anything as good as that, Tai," he enthused. "I've jerked off before and played around with sticking a finger up my butt. Having someone else do it is so much better." He reached over with one hand and cupped Tainui's balls with one hand while gently stroking the engorged and still-leaking cock with the other. "We're not over though. I still need to finish you off."

Tainui turned onto his side facing Andrej and looked into the boys eyes. "There is something I'd love to try, if you're game... I'd like to fuck you." Hesitatingly he continued, "If you don't want to, I'll understand -"

Andrej put a finger on Tainui's lips, stopping him from continuing. "You're huge, Tai -"

"It's alright, bro. We don't have to do this."

"Stop! Let me finish. You're huge, but there is nothing I'd like more than to have you inside me. We can give it a go anyway, see how it goes, you'll be gentle, right?" He looked searchingly at Tainui's face.

"Very. I don't wanna see you hurt, bro."

Andrej looked thoughtfully at him before laying his head on Tainui's chest. "I want this; I want you. I've been watching you for weeks now, fantasizing that we would do this. Fuck me, Tai."

Tainui smiled at Andrej, tenderly kissing him on the forehead. "OK, but only if you're sure. But we need to get you ready first." He got Andrej to lie on his stomach, and knelt down between the boys legs. He spread the cheeks, exposing the boy's twitching hole. "Your turn to see what you did to me. What you did that made me go crazy before," he chuckled and started to lick Andrej's ass crack, teasing the hole with his tongue, relishing the taste of this tender, young treat.

"Damn, that feels good," Andrej moaned, the blood flowing quickly back into his rehardening cock, as Tainui expertly tongue-fucked the boy's ass over several minutes.

Once he judged the time was right, Tainui got up and quickly hunted around the trailer looking for something to use as lube. Andrej pointed to a side cabinet which, when opened, revealed what he was looking for. Tainui started applying the lube to Andrej's hole with one finger. From the groans that were elicited, the first finger was soon joined by a second, then a third.

Andrej couldn't believe the pleasure he was getting from the gentle finger-fucking. 'If this was anything to go on, then getting fucked by this big brown stud was going to be mind-blowing,' he thought to himself. "I'm ready, Tai." he sighed regretfully as the pleasuring fingers were withdrawn. "Can we do it face-to-face? I'd like to watch you as you fuck me."

"Hell yeah! That's fucking hot!."

With that, Andrej lay on his back and raised his legs in the air, exposing his spasming hole to the large, uncut cock, that again was oozing precum like a leaky tap. Tainui leaned over the boy and positioned himself with the head of his painfully erect cock touching Andrej's ass, pulling the boy's legs around his waist.

He leaned over further, and started passionately kissing the boy, deep throating him with his tongue as he started slowly pushing his cock forward into the lube-slick hole. Andrej moaned deeply into Tainui's mouth, as the cock slowly pushed into his hole, stretching it further and further. A brief flare of pain signalled the head was inside his ring.

The pain was burning as Tainui slowly pushed his cock deeper into the boy, pausing occasionally to allow him to get used to the feeling. "Push back. It will ease the pain," Tainui broke the kissing long enough to whisper in his ear.

It helped, the burning pain subsided slowly as more and more of the cock was stuffed into his throbbing hole. Andrej was sweating and groaning quite a bit when the big Maori bottomed out, balls rubbing the cheeks of his ass. The feeling was incredible - the pain was still there, but dulled a little by the stretched, full sensation.

Resting for a few moments to allow Andrej to get used to the feeling, Tainui started gently, and slowly, pulling out then pushing back in. Parting the kiss again, Tainui looked with concern into Andrej's eyes. "Are you OK? Doesn't hurt too much?"

"The pain's not too bad, feels kinda good now. Oh man..." Andrej sighed and shuddered. He realized with amazement that he was living out a real fantasy; impaled on the huge cock of a bronze god, from a wet dream. And it was feeling good.

Tainui stepped up the pace slightly, thrusting in and out a bit faster. 'Good? No, it was feeling great - no, it is starting to feel fucking incredible,' Andrej thought to himself. He starting to writhe around a bit on the bed and Tainui slowed down, concerned. But Andrej just hissed at him, "Faster Tai, fuck me faster. Ohh it feels great... Fuck me harder, Tai, harder!"

Always one to oblige, Tainui started pulling his cock most of the way out, before slamming it back into the sweating boy pinned beneath his thrusting hips. Faster and harder than before. "You're fucking amazing. So hot, so tight. Yeah, take that cock! I'm gonna breed you so hard, Andrej. Fuck yeah! Yeah man, I'm gonna blow!"

Almost at the point of no-return, and with his muscles straining with the effort, Tainui started pounding Andrej's abused hole with short, hard, fast thrusts. This blew Andrej away completely; his straining cock exploding for a second time, accompanied by a loud cry of incoherent pleasure.

The extra tightness of Andrej's ass clamping down, also drove Tainui over the edge, as he nailed the youth with a mighty thrust, burying himself completely. He continued to thrust until his cum was exhausted and dripping out of Andrej's hole, then collapsed panting breathlessly on top of the boy. He slowly pulled his softening cock out of the cum-oozing orifice with an obscene slurping noise.

The two lay there for a few minutes, holding each other until they regained their breath, then finally rolled apart and looked at each other in a post-orgasmic haze. "Was it good for you, too?" Andrej quipped, and busted out laughing while fingering the tender cum-oozing entrance to his ass.

"Best. Fuck. Ever, mate." Tainui laid there with his eyes closed and a big smile on his sweating face. They lay in comfortable silence for a few minutes until Andrej sat up and looked at Tainui intently.

"Don't leave, Tai." The roadie opened his eyes and turned to look at Andrej, unsettled by the change in the tone of his voice. "I haven't been this happy in a long time. Promise me you'll at least stay the night?"

Tainui gathered the boy into his arms and held him tight. "No worries, little bro. I got nowhere else to be, tonight."

Tusker - one of the Vanguard warriors - also enjoyed the music performed by Andrej's band. A big fan of Vanguard tribal music, the music made by this new species reminded him of his home, one of the first Vanguard colony worlds.

Although they were beginning to make some discoveries about the new species, deciphering their language wasn't one of them, yet. That didn't stop Tusker from thrashing his tail to the rhythm, as he finished making adjustments to his shock-lance.

Slash looked up from his workbench, where he was checking over some of their assault rifles, and eyed the grooving youngster with a disapproving glare. "Damned spawnlings," he muttered to himself.

Fleet-Of-Foot, working beside the grumpy old warrior, turned to him with a questioning look. "Leave him alone. You were young once - do not tell me you never stomped your feet to the beat when you were his age."

Slash snorted, and returned to his rifle, polishing it with a bit more vigour than was absolutely necessary. He stopped for a moment, and looked at the other warrior, a small smile on his craggy features. "Hrrr, I was never that young. I am done here. Let us go and see if they have found anything new about these aliens." They walked out leaving Tusker rumbling quietly to himself.

Two-Talon, waiting in a side corridor nearby, watched the two older warriors head off towards the bridge, which left the young warrior by himself. He leaned around the corner and saw Tusker preoccupied with some weaponry, singing along to some of the noise that seemed to pass as music to the aliens.

He crouched in the doorway, then sprang at the warrior's back, crashing into Tusker with a roar, sending them both tumbling into a writhing mass of arms, legs and tails on the floor. "Got you!" he hissed at the surprised Tusker.

Crater was standing at the communication console on the bridge, watching some rather odd looking pictures on a screen. Although occasionally washed out by static, the screen showed two groups of the rather peculiar looking aliens battling it out, in what looked like some sort of arena. They appeared to be fighting for possession of something small, dark and egg-shaped.

Although several of the creatures attacked the others, it didn't look as if any permanent damage was being done, as the creatures usually got up and continued running around. This was accompanied by the excited babbling of the high-pitched alien language. Odd, he thought to himself. Crater looked around as two warriors entered the bridge, heading towards him.

"They call themselves humans, apparently," he said, as they stopped beside him. "Most of what they broadcast appears to be what passes for entertainment - I think. It is too difficult to explain, otherwise."

The three of them stood around and watched the screen for another couple of minutes, until the picture changed to what looked like a series of disjointed mini-stories.

"They are the dominant intelligence on the planet, and appear to have two sexes that I have discovered so far. There are several different varieties, with different skin pigmentations and languages, but no major biological differences. They probably evolved from a single ancestor type. Also, something I think we will have to be careful about - they are quite warlike and territorial." Crater tapped another nearby console and looked at the small group gathered around him. "The planet has a Nitrogen/Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide based atmosphere, with high levels of contaminants. This indicates that they are still at an early stage of technological development. I have also detected low levels of radioactivity. I suspect they may be experimenting with nuclear energy, which probably means they have developed primitive nuclear weapons of some type." Crater turned back to the console and continued to watch the screen, occasionally tapping commands into the computer.

Predator considered this information for a minute or so. "Hrrr, very well. Priority now is to understand at least one of the more common languages." He looked at the engineer. "We are still far enough away that I doubt they have seen us - given their level of technology. However, we will approach cautiously. I do not want any surprizes."

Stares-Into-Space nodded, and went over to finish repairing the FTL system.

"You two," Predator growled, pointing at Fleet-Of-Foot and Slash, "are going to put down a landing party. Crater will be going with you, to get samples of anything you think will be useful. Take Tusker as well, but I want you all to be careful. No contact with the natives. If this mission is compromized, you will be left down there to rot."

Tusker moaned, as Two-Talon pushed him onto his back and proceeded to forcefully mount him. "I know you like it rough. Rough you shall get!" the medic hissed at the writhing warrior beneath him.

"Harder! Hrrr, fuck me harder... Fuck me!" Tusker hissed through clenched teeth, as Two-Talon brutally ravaged him.

Finding his rhythm, Two-Talon picked up the pace, and soon Tusker's horns were banging against the bulkhead, as his tail hole was vigorously fucked by the horny medic's engorged cock. The panting warrior was going out of his mind with pleasure, as the medic pummelled the pleasure spots inside him, just right.

Two-Talon started pulling all the way out, then thrusting back in with a vicious growl, as he bred the young warrior beneath him. "I will fuck you so hard, you will be able to taste it!" He poked out his forked tongue and started licking the large tusks that protruded from Tusker's lower jaw and which were matched by two equally large fangs growing down from his upper jaw.

Larger than any others the medic had ever seen, Two-Talon found the warrior's jutting tusks strangely attractive, and had discovered that's how the warrior had come by his name a few years back.

Tusker roared loudly and his equally impressive cock exploded, sending strings of cum flying into the medic's face. This sent Two-Talon over the edge.

With a grunt and a thrust, burying his cock as far up as it could go into the spasming tail hole of the pinned warrior, Two-Talon filled the guts of his squirming partner with his own load. "Oh yessssss, that will fix what ailssssss you!" Hissing like a locomotive, he pulled out of the warrior and rocked back onto his haunches. Two-Talon smirked at the dishevelled warrior. He let his tongue hang lazily from his mouth as he panted, catching his breath.

Slash and Fleet-Of-Foot rolled their eyes at each other as they passed the two young Vanguard in the Weapons Bay. "There will be time for that later. We need to start landing preparations," Fleet-Of-Foot said, extending one of his arms to Tusker and pulling him to his feet

Two-Talon scrambled up and, with a parting lecherous look at the dishevelled warrior, slunk off back to his quarters to clean up.

"You should go and see the medic for that limp of yours, spawnling. Hrrr!" Slash commented, sending both Vanguard into a fit of laughter.

Tusker hissed at the two, and struggled back into his skin-suit, before half-heartedly helping with the weapons. He occasionally cast sullen glances at the two older warriors.

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