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To: Steve S
Subject:  My new toy
From:     Mike S

Hey Steve, I hope this email finds you feeling a bit better. It was a major bummer to hear that you broke your leg falling off that dumb-ass mountain bike of yours! I told you to stick to safe skate boards didn’t I?!

Anyway – thought I’d send you this to keep you amused. You know how we used to tell each other embarrassing stories all the time when we were in school right? Well I figured it’s been what – three years since we finished high school, and we haven’t told each other any funny shit since then, so I better catch up.

This happened today and I am sitting here naked typing this email so you can get a laugh. Yeah I know, you’re saying ‘Ewww – Mike’s sitting there naked talking to me – gross!’ Well, tough shit – hehe – you just have to deal with it. So anyway, I got home from class at 1 this afternoon and was going to spend the afternoon working on my chemistry assignment (yawn). Well, about 5 minutes after I walked in there was a knock at the door. I opened it and there was a delivery guy looking bored and holding this brown package. He handed it to me and just smiled and wandered back off to his truck. OK, that’s weird, I wasn’t expecting anything.

I sat down at the table with this thing and looked at the label. It was addressed to “prize winner” at my address. No name or anything, just prize winner. OK I thought, might as well see if it’s gonna explode or something. I shook it, it seemed fairly well packaged, but there was something with a little bit of weight in there. Whatever… I ripped open the box and pulled out a piece of paper that was on top.

“Congratulations on winning your FleshLight/FleshJack products from GayStreetCorner! We hope you enjoy them and recommend them to your friends and customers!”

Ahh – OK… GayStreetCorner? Is someone trying to tell me something that even I don’t know? I wondered! Well, I pulled out the contents of the box and found this large plastic thing that looked kind of like a flash light. The bit where the lens would normally be was a plastic screw on cap though. I unscrewed the cap and was then looking face to ‘face’ with a small pink pucker. Yep – it was a fucken chocolate starfish pointing at me! I prodded the rubbery stuff around the asshole and it felt almost exactly like human flesh, but really soft and pliable. I was a bit confused.

Here's a pic of the thing from the web site:

I found an instruction manual too. A quick flick through that and I knew exactly what I had in my hands! It was a fucking jerk off toy! Kind of like a fake pussy, but this one was a fake asshole. It was then that I went to the web to check out what this GayStreetCorner was. Found out that it’s a web board for gay porn webmasters!!! And yep – they had been running competitions for various things on the board where these FleshJack things were the prize. Seems that when shipped they must have put the totally wrong address on it. I looked at the label again and noticed that the zip code was wrong, but everything else matched my address here.

So, you can probably guess what happened next, chemistry assignment right? Yeah right! I followed the instructions to the letter. Pulled out the insert of the thing, removed the ‘shipping rod’, put the insert into hot water for a couple of minutes. Put the insert back into the case. Lubed it up with the sample lube it came with and then locked the door :-)

I stripped off, don’t want to be lazy when you have the company of a new sex toy right? Then I put one finger into the small pucker of the FleshJack. I kind of wondered if I was going to be able to fit in there actually. It was pretty tight. But I didn’t need to wonder long. I put the slick opening over the tip of my hardon and gently rubbed it around. That got the head of my cock nicely coated with lube.

I thought I’d take it nice and slow, teasing myself if you like. But you know me… within seconds I was plunging in full speed. MAN alive! What a rush! This thing is incredible dude! I pushed in to the thing and it like totally grabbed hold of me. I could have sworn that the owner of that butt had clenched up as soon as I pushed my head in there and was holding on to me for dear life! I started to jerk with it and almost shot a load immediately.

Just the sound of it alone was enough to get me close to the edge. Sounds just like you are pounding a real wet hole. I then worked out that I could adjust the suction of the thing too by unscrewing the other end. I loosened it a tiny bit so I wouldn’t cum right away. So I slowly continued with it and was just totally blissed with the thing – keeping right there on the edge for I don’t know how long.

After a bit I stood up – this thing is not exactly light, but I was so buzzed by this thing that I didn’t need to hold it in place when I walked to my bed – it stood up there all by itself if you know what I mean. So I went to the side of the bed and lifted the mattress a bit so I could wedge the FleshJack in between the base and the mattress. Now I was on my knees with my cock buried to the balls in this thing and suddenly I was ass fucking the hottest ass I had ever felt. I’ll be totally honest now dude – I imagined it was your ass I was pounding and that each time I thrust into you, your cock would bounce up and down on your belly, leaving small sticky puddles of slick pre-cum on your smooth stomach.

I had my eyes closed and I saw you look up at me and groan as your cock erupted and sprayed gobs of cum all over your body and face while I pushed hard into your ass. It was then that I came inside you.

On opening my eyes I looked down my sweaty body and saw my cock still deep inside the FleshJack. I pulled it, with me still lodged inside it, from the bed and walked to the bathroom. There I gently started pulling it off my still hard cock. The internal ridges rubbing against the ridge of my cockhead was overwhelming and sent me instantly over the edge again and I began cumming again. The surprise of this made me pull the toy away and I saw myself shooting heavy ribbons of cum onto the floor tiles. I sat back heavily onto the toilet seat as my cock continued pumping cum onto the floor. I honestly had no clue I could cum that much!

The FleshJack was still in my hand and I looked at that to see cum slowly dripping from the pink pucker I had just so royally fucked. Steve! Dude! I have not had so much fun alone since I first learned how to jerk off. I have used it three more times in the last couple of hours and just writing this has given me another raging hardon. I gotta send this right now or it will never get finished! Somehow I don’t think I’ll be returning it to the sender…


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