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When I boarded the ferry from Vancouver BC to Seattle I had no plans set for what I was going to do when I got there.  I checked my backpack and climbed the stairs to the upper deck where I leaned against the railing and lit a cigarette.

A guy about my age, well, perhaps a year or two younger, about 20, walked over to me and asked for a light.  After he lit his smoke he thanked me and introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Dean."

I took the opportunity to look at him more closely.  Dean was about five foot ten, had light brown hair which flopped over his face and a great smile.  I felt my heart jump and a buzz in my crotch as I studied him.

"Hi, how's it going?  I'm Jase."

"Thanks for the light Jase.  I lost mine somewhere."

"No problem.  So, headed home or away?"

Dean went slightly red then told me he was on his way home.  I asked him where he was headed.  He told me he lived in Seattle.

"So where you been in Canada?"  I asked him.

"Oh, just into Vancouver."

"How long for?  I've just spent three days there."  I said.

"Only today actually."

"Wow, that's a long trip for just a couple of hours man!"

Dean blushed a little more.  He was definitely hiding something.  My cock had hardened and was pushing my basketball shorts well out in front of me.  The only way I could hide it was to lean forward against the railing.

"So,"  I pressed, "what's so special about Vancouver?"

"Oh, I just had to buy some stuff."

"Stuff?" I asked, "What kind of stuff do you have to travel half a day to get?"

"Trust me man, you don't want to know."

Now I was really interested.  I'd used that line a few times myself.  I offered Dean another smoke which he gratefully accepted.  With both my curiosity and my cock aroused, I decided to try another tack, starting with something I was pretty sure wasn't the answer.

"Drugs?" I asked.

"No. Not drugs."

Ok, so he wasn't going to break that easily.  I kept trying and hit the jackpot on the second attempt.


Dean's eyes darted to the deck and his smooth face flushed red.

"Cool!  Must be good stuff if you needed to go out of the country to get it!"

Dean laughed nervously and avoided looking at my eyes.  My next question surprised even myself.

"Gay stuff?"

Dean answered the question without words.  His mouth gaped open and he stared right at me, going even redder.

"How, um, how did you know?" he stammered quietly.

"I didn't really, I s'pose I just kind of hoped."  I replied, now a little self conscious.

"Are you, um…"

"Gay?"  I finished his question.  "Pretty much I guess.  Although I've never acted on it yet."

"I haven't either."  he said.  He asked me why I'd never done anything so I told him the truth.  I had always felt very nervous about approaching anyone as I had only come out to myself about six months earlier.

Dean said he had only admitted his own sexuality about three months earlier, and that this was his second trip to Vancouver to buy male erotica.  Dean's blushing had disappeared and he was smiling as he flicked his cigarette butt out to sea.  He quietly asked; "Do you find me attractive Jase?"

All I did was turn to face him and move my eyes downward.  He followed them and grinned when he saw the defined outline of my hard-on.

"You've got one too huh?" he asked as he turned around toward me, then reached into his jeans to adjust to a more comfortable position for his hard-on.

I smiled, then Dean asked; "Does this mean we could be heading for a meaningless sexual encounter?"

"I sure hope so!" I exclaimed as we both began laughing.

For the next few hours we stayed on the deck in the warming spring sun and revealed parts of our life histories as I felt more and more pre-cum lubricating the inside of my shorts.

After going through immigration in Seattle we walked together to the bus stop.  We got off the bus, still within the free ride area and walked a block to Dean's apartment building.  His apartment was decorated and furnished like a prison cell.  It was fairly typical of a newly working 20 year old bachelor's place.

Dean took his shirt off. The air conditioning wasn't working.  I followed suit as I watched the fine muscles in his back and shoulders flex as he opened the fridge and removed two beers from the back.

As he placed them on the bench top I walked up behind him and layed my hand gently on the back of his right shoulder blade.  His muscles tightened at the touch, then he relaxed as I gently swept my palm down his smooth back.

Dean shuddered when my other hand reached under his arm and cupped his left pec, brushing his nipple.  I felt his nipple stiffen as my hand lay there.

With my right hand I worked my fingers under the waistband of his jeans until I found the soft crack of his ass.  Like me, Dean was wearing no underwear.

He didn't move a muscle as I pulled my right hand free of his jeans and placed it on his flat stomach.  I felt the soft smooth hair running from just below his navel down into his packed jeans. Then my hand travelled down until it sat over the tightly stretched fabric covering his cock and balls.

I could feel the heat radiating from him.  His chest was moving faster under my other hand.  Dean was getting as excited as I was.

He leaned back, making my chest press into the warmth of his back, and my cock press into his ass. Dean moaned when he felt the pressure from my hard-on.

I moved my left hand from his chest, gently flicking his nipple with my thumb as it went by. My hand went straight to the buttons of his 501s. It was easy to open his jeans. They were old, and had been opened many times, besides, there was a lot of pressure behind those buttons trying to force them open.

Dean's cock sprang right out into my waiting hand. It was heavy and firm. I couldn't see it, but I knew it was beautiful.

His jeans dropped to the floor as I cupped his almost hairless balls in my right hand and gently stroked his cock with my left until I felt his pre-cum moistening my fingertips.

I had to taste it. I had to see that cock. I let go of his cock and balls. Dean stopped moaning and began to protest. I just turned him around and helped him sit up on the counter.

There it was. Dean's cock was a good seven inches, a light tan and neatly circumcised. Sparkling clear pre-cum coated the head and a new glistening dew drop was forming at the tip. His cock slowly bobbed up and down with his heartbeat right in front of my face.

I looked quickly into his eyes. He had his mouth open and was quietly panting. His look plainly said 'Get me off!'.

I bobbed my head down and planted my tongue on the hot tip of his cock. Dean jerked forward and pressed himself half way into my mouth. I closed my lips and let myself taste him as his hands danced over my sweating back.

Then I began sucking and moving my head up and down along his almost bursting rod. When I flicked my tongue around his engorged cock head his body quivered and he let out a long moan.

Dean leaned forward as I licked his shaft and prodded his balls with my tongue. His palms slipped down my spine and he pushed my gym shorts down over my ass with his fingers. My shorts got stuck on my hard cock so he ran his hands around my hips and lifted the elastic waistband over it and let them fall to my ankles where I stepped out of them.

His fingers reached for, and found my cock. As he discovered with his gentle fingertips that I was uncut, he let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure.  He then began to play with my sensitive foreskin which was slick with copious amounts of my pre-cum.

When Dean's attentions to my cock slowed, and his body began to tighten, I knew he was about to lose his virgin load into my virgin mouth.

"Fuck Jase, I'm gonna come!"

I pulled back a little until just the head of his great cock was planted between my lips. Then I took him over the edge and beyond by swirling my tongue around and around his swollen purple head.

Dean grunted and I felt the warm wet surge of his first jet of cum pouring into my mouth. For the first time in my life I had someone else's jism in my mouth.  It just kept coming as I impaled myself deeper onto his twitching cock until I had to swallow at least some of the juice.

My swallowing action produced a second wave of orgasm in Dean. Quickly my mouth was overflowing with his jism. Cum ran in small rivers down my chin and down his throbbing shaft to the fine downy hair at its base.

I pulled away from his cock as it was still throbbing and tried to stand. Dean though, was totally relaxed and leaned onto me. So, instead of standing, I was only able to pull him down on top of me as I lowered myself to the floor.

Dean lay on top of me, his still fairly rigid cock slowly throbbed against my very hard dick. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. Then he sensuously licked a small dribble of his cum from my chin.

Quickly this developed into a long and searching kiss which almost made me come as he also slowly ground his turgid cock into mine.

Dean finished the kiss by pressing himself off me, and getting to his knees between my legs. He ran his hand over my stomach, lubricating it with what had still been pumping from his cock.

With his cum lubed hand he tenderly grasped my now super sensitive cock. He began to give me a fantastic slow hand job and I closed my eyes and lay back in ecstasy. The incredible sensation of his tongue suddenly probing under my foreskin was too much to cope with.

"Ugh, coming, Fuck!" was all I was able to utter before Dean's lips and teeth were sprayed with amazingly strong spurts. The first two shots were too quick for him to catch and most of the results coated his face.

He then managed to clamp his lips over the tip of my cock and sucked it like a straw, drawing out every last drop of cum.

As soon as my cock stopped pulsing he let it fall and slap to my stomach. He then crawled up on top of me again and let me lick the sticky mess I had made from his face.

We lay there for a few moments letting our breathing come back to normal. Dean then slid himself off me and stood up. I looked up at him from the floor smiling. His cock was half hard again.

I reached up with my hand and gently stroked it. It bounced a little and started to grow.

"Come on Jase, lets have that beer and then get a bit more comfortable."

"Oh, I'm pretty comfortable." I replied grinning.

"Yeah, but wouldn't you rather be in bed?"

He helped me off the floor and led me to his bedroom. We never did get to drink those beers that night, but I sure wasn't thirsty in the morning when I left.

I never did see Dean again - but I have always remembered my international initiation fondly.

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