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Part 5

Tean helped me to my feet by grabbing my hand with his firmly and expertly hefting me to a standing position. I felt a slightly sticky patch of my own cum on his hand and grinned. He placed his arm around my shoulders and pointed with his free hand toward the open doorway. I felt anxious about going out there naked, but swallowed deeply and let him shepherd me through the door.

Outside the door, a dog woke up excitedly as we emerged. It leapt up and trotted over to us, stopping to take a good long sniff of my crotch before running around behind us to sniff heartily at my ass crack, followed by a warm wet lick before I stepped hurriedly away. Tean smiled and patted the dog.

“He is just saying hello and getting to know you. I think he likes you!”

He gave the creature a swift pat on the tail and it trotted back into the shade with it’s tail wagging and lay down once more. I turned to Tean to ask him a question quietly.

“Sorry to be a pain, but could you start by showing me the toilet facilities?”

After a brief puzzled look, Tean’s face broke into his standard wide smile.

“Ahh, you need to shit! Of course, follow me!”

“Well, actually I really need to urinate, but yeah, a um, shit would be good too.”

“Ok, well, this way then. Um, you probably have ‘bathrooms’ where you are from, like in the books right?”

“Well, yeah, sure we do,” I said.

“Right, well, so you know, if you need to, what was that… ‘urinate’? Well, anyway, if you need to piss, you just do it anywhere outside on the dirt. That is anywhere basically, except inside a building, or in an entrance way. Ok?”

Tean was pointing all around us, at the dirt path we were walking on, at the trees alongside the path on the left and at the sides of the large huts to our right. I nodded my understanding to him as he ushered me off the main path into a small clearing in the trees to our left. We walked to a small stand of saplings near the inland side of the clearing, and as we approached I could immediately smell that we were close to the “facilities”. I was looking around for an outhouse when Tean stopped me and pointed to a small and hardly noticeable bench type arrangement not three feet in front of us.

I looked carefully, then realised that it was a very narrow bench, and running just behind it, along the short length of the bench, was a trench dug into the forest floor. It was from this that the smell was emanating. My suspicious and rather puzzled expression prompted Tean to explain. He moved to the bench and sat himself down facing me. He leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and shuffled his ass back until it was hovering over the trench.

“It is very simple Jim. Just sit like this and shit. There is room for at least five at once if you sit close together.”

“Ahh, what if you need to piss too?”

Tean looked at me as if I was insane.

“Well, you piss over there into the trees first of course! Or, you can always piss like this.”

Tean shuffled back a little further until he was being supported entirely on his thighs, his cock pressing down behind the far edge of the bench, moments later a torrent of piss appeared between his legs and poured into the trench.

“So, come on Jim, you wanted to go didn’t you?”

He remained sitting there, with obviously no intention to move. I took another deep breath and walked over to sit at the other end of the rough hewn bench and sat down. This bench had clearly seen a lot of years of use. It looked like it was periodically moved from place to place as new trenches were dug to replace those that filled. Evenly spaced along the bench were patches worn smooth and shiny by thousands upon thousands of young butts and thighs sitting on this bench. It was probably over a hundred years old, and I could also tell it hadn’t been cleaned in a hundred years!

I shuffled myself into the same position Tean was in, it was surprisingly comfortable. My face was well away from the horrendous smell in the trench, and the on-shore westerly was blowing me fresh air the whole time. I slipped my cock down between my legs and it slotted snugly into another worn smooth hollow, this time on the side of the bench – clearly worn smooth over the years by thousands upon thousands of cocks pressed there. I relaxed my bladder and felt a wave of relief as the too long held piss flowed away. I looked over to Tean to see him smiling back at me and I noticed immediately the tell tail look of strain on his face as he dumped one into the trench.

Ok, I thought to myself. This is how it’s going to be. I pushed for a moment and released a sizable turd into the stinking hole below me. Another followed and I was done. I looked back at Tean pensively.

“Um, I don’t suppose you have a roll of toilet paper hidden there somewhere do you?”

He laughed long and hard while reaching up and pulling a large leaf from the sapling growing beside him.

“I knew you were going to ask that! Why do you think we plant these particular trees here? You should find, if you eat the right fruits and rice, that you will not need to use this, but if you do, that is what these are for.”

He handed me the soft leaf and I looked carefully at it. The top was deep green and shiny, but the bottom was pale and soft, with a very light fur on it. I gingerly used the leaf and discovered it was both comfortable and effective. I dropped the used leaf into the trench and stood up, feeling much better. We walked together again towards the centre of the camp with me feeling a lot lighter on my feet.

I nodded to Tean and we both smiled. This was working out pretty well. Two of the most difficult things were already dealt with – coming and crapping, and all in the first hour!

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