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Dear readers... I must apologise for a screw-up in posting this story. Originally I mis-posted part 7 as part 6. So if the story kind of failed to make sense... that will be why. All fixed now - this is really part 6!

Part 6

By evening I was beginning to recognise some of the other guys and was even getting my bearings around the camp. There were fourteen medium to large permanent buildings in the encampment, along with a few uncertain shelters. All but one of the buildings was the ‘home’, or at least the sleeping place of between four and twenty five boys each. The largest building was near the beach, this was not a sleeping hut, but was reserved for meetings and socialising. It was to this hut that all the young men of the camp drifted as the sun hurried its descent into the bright orange turmoil at the western horizon.

As I ducked my head through the open doorway my eyes took a few moments to adjust to the gently flickering light coming from the open fire in the corner and the few lamps scattered around the sparsely furnished room. There were already at least fifty guys in there, many of whom I hadn’t seen earlier in the day. By that point I had calculated that there must be around 120 all together in this camp. I followed Tean as he led me to a spot near the fire and indicated a very low stool for me to sit on. I sat nervously as around one hundred dark quiet eyes watched me. More and more guys quietly filed in to the hut, some greeted others with a hug and a slap of the ass, others just moved quietly to sit with friends and watch in silence.

I watched the dozens of naked guys filing past me as they went to sit and finally realized why I was feeling so relatively comfortable being naked with them. Whenever I was naked around other guys back home I was nervous not just because I thought I’d spring a hardon, but also because they would always look at me like I was a freak. I was never circumcised as a kid and living in a neighborhood where every other guy was cut made me stand out. Here though, I was just like everyone else. Apart from being a lot paler, and slightly bigger than most, my cock here looked entirely normal, and that was a really nice feeling.

As night fell outside with the typical tropical thump, the last couple of guys hurried inside and sat quickly. Tean stood up and moved to stand directly behind me, his back to the fire behind us. He placed his hands firmly on my shoulders, forcing me to sit up straight and tall. I smiled inwardly as I felt his firm but not hard cock press gently into my back between my shoulder blades. That was a nice feeling.

“Tonight we welcome Jim. Jim has come many thousands of miles to be with us to help us all to be able to exist in the rest of this wide world of ours. As you all know, our island is very small and is unknown to the rest of the world. So we are very fortunate that someone like Jim has agreed to spend so much of his time with us to help us in speaking English like he does.

“Jim comes from America, and in America a lot of things are very different. Jim has been feeling uncomfortable all day because he is free from clothing for the first time in his life. Where he comes from, even babies must wear clothes from the day they are born. Jim is the same age as many of you, and if he had lived here he would have been in the camp for at least one year now – but he has never lain with another boy as we do. Jim has driven a car though, something none of us have ever done. There are many many differences between us. But, we are also very much alike. Jim, please stand.”

I don’t think I could have been much redder, although in the light in the hut it was hopefully difficult to tell. I stood up and Tean moved to my side and began pointing at me as he spoke.

“You see he has two arms and two legs, just like us, he has a chest, a head and a cock, just like us. He shits, pisses and eats, just like us. We do not need to be afraid of Jim, just as he does not need to be afraid of us! All I will say is that we will all make him very welcome, and one of us. Talk to Jim, it is the best way to learn. Let him spend time with you in the day and in the night.”

With that Tean sat and there was a brief round of applause. I asked Tean if I should make a speech. He said I didn’t need to say anything – I was now formally accepted as part of the group. Tean stood after a few moments and offered me his hand. I stood up from the stool in the front of the room and followed him to a cluster of guys near the far side of the hut where he motioned for me to sit. I lowered myself gingerly onto the dirt floor, thinking to myself that I’d get dust all over my butt, then looking at the smiling guys sitting the same way all around me and realised that was no big deal. Tean leaned down to speak in my ear as the hubbub of noise rose in the hut.

“Jim, you need to just watch for a few minutes. You will work out what you need to do in this ceremony very quick. It is very simple.”

I nodded my acknowledgment as Tean quickly stood and returned to the stool at the front. A few guys beside me smiled at me, slapped me on the back and firmly shook my hand as the room began to fall silent again. I turned my attention to the front as Tean began to speak as he ushered a young nervous looking guy to the front of the room.

“Camp members. Tonight I speak English, as we all will do from now on when Jim is present. We are here tonight to perform the new rain ceremony for Sima here, who has just completed his first twenty four hours in the camp.”

I noticed that there was some movement around me and looked pensively away from Tean as he spoke. I saw guys all around me fondling themselves and getting hard. Shiny knobs were appearing all around the room. I naturally didn’t require any fondling of myself to match them.

“By receiving the new rain, Sima will complete the first stage of his development as a true man. Every man in the camp should participate in the new rain. Let it begin!”

Tean sat the clearly nervous young guy down on the very stool I had been sitting on just a couple of minutes earlier. He held his hand on Sima’s head for a moment, quietly saying something I couldn’t hear, then left him there alone and came over to sit beside me on the floor. Around me guys were beginning to seriously start playing with themselves. Some were squeezing themselves slowly, others were rhythmically stroking, while others were now pounding furiously at their cocks.

Hearing the moist slapping sound of guys all around me jerking off was getting me close to coming without even touching myself. I did begin to stroke gently though, massaging my precum into my shaft gently to the clear approval of those around me. I kept gently touching my solid erection while looking more directly around the room now. Everywhere I could see clearly, there was a hardon being coaxed with one method or another. This was certainly suddenly a lot of fun!

I noticed movement in a corner and looked up to see a guy, probably around 19, getting up from the floor and making his way through the crowd towards the front of the room. His cock was pointing straight up at the roof the whole time. He got to the front of the room and stood directly in front of Sima and began stroking his hard cock fast. Within seconds my eyes widened in surprise as I saw several thick streaks of cum shoot onto Sima’s chest and begin to slowly roll down his body. The guy who had just come walked away with his hardon still dripping and returned to sit where he had come from. Sima sat totally still letting it run down over his stomach.

I was roused from my shock by the gentle jostle of the guy next to me standing up and walking past me, heading towards the kid on the stool. This guy kept stroking himself as he walked and let loose several large shots onto Sima’s right shoulder before heading straight back and sitting beside me and giving me a huge smile.

Over the next five minutes, more than forty guys emptied their balls somewhere on or near Sima. He remained still and didn’t make a sound the whole time. I was watching this spectacle in awe when I noticed Tean was standing beside me, leaning down to whisper in my ear while slowly stroking his own hardon.

“Are you ready to provide your new rain Jim?”

I Shrugged and stood up. My cock was also pointing to the top of the roof of the hut. We walked over to the stool I had been sitting on earlier and waited our turns as there were already six guys around Sima, all stroking simultaneously. One grunted and cum dribbled from him onto the young guy’s knee. A second gasped as he sent a thick stream onto Sima’s back. Two others then came at the same time, both hitting him in his own crotch, which was now a very sticky mess. As the others began to move away, Tean and I moved in to the circle.

We stood on opposite sides of Sima and we both worked on ourselves intently as others began to replace the recently spent around us. I was more than ready to cum. I panicked briefly as I wondered where to aim, but by that point I realised it was way too late to ask for directions and I let loose my second orgasm of the day. My first volley barely nicked the sitting target’s left eyebrow, the bulk of it flying at full speed right onto the jerking hand of a guy on the other side from me. The next shot hit Sima squarely in the left ear, dripping slowly from his ear lobe. The third coated his lips very thoroughly and the fourth, much less powerful shot, landed snugly in his left armpit and stuck neatly to his armpit hair.

Tean squared up and aimed directly for Sima’s face. He scored several direct hits on nose, mouth and chin, and one shot missed entirely and landed instead on my thigh. He nodded to me and I backed away just in time to let the guy behind me coat Sima’s left arm with most of his load, except the first shot which was now running down my left arm. Tean walked over to me and pointed to his cum as well as the load on my arm.

“That’s a taste of tomorrow night Jim!”

It was only then that I realised how dense I had been. Of course this was going to happen to me tomorrow night! Shit I must be dense! We sat down again and Tean explained to me in quiet tones as guys continued to coat the guy in front of us.

“Really you should not have seen this tonight. It is supposed to be a bit of a surprise. There are other initiation events too, but all the others can be done for both of you at the same time so you will not get to miss out on the learning again.”

“Ahh, that’s a relief I guess.”

“For the new rain ceremony, the new camp member is blessed with the seed of all of the members of the camp. During the ceremony he must sit still and not flinch as he is covered from head to toe. When the last man is done, the new camp member then creates the newest rain, he does what we just did, and then that part of the ceremony is over. When it is complete, he is free to carry on as normal, but should not wash himself at least until the following day.”

At that point it appeared the last of the collected crowd had completed his task and went to sit down. The room grew quiet as Sima looked towards his leader. Tean stood and looked carefully around the collected men of the camp, making sure there were none left waiting to contribute. When he was satisfied, he looked to the younger man and nodded to him.

Silently Sima reached for his sticky cock and began rubbing and then stroking it. It took only a few moments before a very liquid fountain of semen leapt up from his crotch and splattered noiselessly onto his chest and already very wet crotch. He released himself and slowly stood from the low stool. Large drops of cum dripped to the dirt floor as he stood there. He looked once more to Tean.

“Well done Sima. You have accorded yourself well. Come, sit beside me and we will talk.”

With that it was clear that the formal proceedings of the night were over. Many guys began to stand and mill around, a few left the hut to piss outside the door way, and others sat around in small groups laughing and joking. Several were playing with themselves again, invoking fresh erections, as they chatted and laughed. Sima walked slowly towards us and smiling he responded to Tean’s invitation to sit with us. He sat between Tean and myself, nearly close enough to me to touch.

The smell was overpowering. As soon as he got within ten feet I could smell the distinctive smell of cum. By the time he was beside me, I could smell nothing else. He was literally coated with rapidly drying semen. It was all over his arms, back, chest, and even covered every part of his head. His thick brown hair was plastered to his scalp with the stuff and I watched in fascination as a large sticky blob very slowly made its way to the dirt from the end of his nose.

“Well, tomorrow night Sima you will be spraying your load onto Jim here. I believe he may have tried to fill your ear for you tonight, perhaps you can repay the favour for him tomorrow!”

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