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Part 7

I sat on the low stool the next evening knowing exactly what was about to happen to me. Guys throughout the room had begun working themselves up a few minutes ago. Tean finished speaking to the room, placed his hand on my head and leaned down to speak quietly in my ear.

“Just relax as much as you can, try not to move much, and even if you get very excited, which is common, don’t release yours until I give the word.”

He grasped my hand, gave it a quick squeeze and then left me alone in front of around 120 masturbating guys. Other than my own cum, and the little from last night, I had never had any semen on my body before. That was going to change in just seconds. In my left peripheral vision I saw movement and realised this was it. I was about to get shot on.

An extremely cute guy, around my own age, appeared in front of me. He was slowly and firmly pulling his foreskin back and forth over his bright pink cock head. The smell from his crotch was intoxicating and I could feel my own cock growing as I watched the head slicked in front of me as precum oozed from the hard cock. I looked up at his face and saw him grinning down at me, then noted the almost surprised look on his face as I looked down again just in time to see a white eruption soot straight for my face.

The first shot lost power and just pelted against my lower neck, but the second shot which followed almost immediately really had power. It hit me square on the lips and I felt the sharp tang on the tip of my tongue as I instinctively squeezed my lips shut just a half second too late. The last couple of volleys landed on my legs as I felt the cum dripping gently off my chin. Well, he was a good shot for first up!

Moments later I opened my eyes to see three guys preparing to coat me. It started happening so fast I quickly lost count of how many there had been, and began to loose sensitivity to where they were attacking me. I did notice when Sima approached though, with a large grin on his face and an equally large erection in his hand. He made good on the prediction and quite expertly deposited a very impressive load all over the left side of my face, including my left ear.

Soon I was finding it hard to tell if there was still one dry patch left on me. Even my ass crack was slick with cum that I felt trickling down the small of my back as well as down between my balls and my thighs. At one point one particularly well performing kid managed to get a shot almost in my eye from behind another guy. A small drip did make it into my right eye and really made it sting! I remembered the rules though, and tried not to flinch. I did open my mouth though just in time to get a very large spray of cum all the way to the back of my mouth. I carefully let it dribble out of my mouth as much as possible without being obvious about it. I could still taste it though!

As the spurts hitting me began to wane I looked up to see Tean approaching me. He strode towards me with his cock at full mast. As he got to me he stood directly in front of me, gave three quick strokes, and sent several strong blasts right onto my stiff cock and wet crotch. Not even waiting for his coming to finish, he stepped back and stood before the crowd as I watched cum continue to pump slowly from his cock and drip to the dirt floor.

There was nobody else moving now. Tean looked around the room for a full minute, then turned back to me and nodded. I nodded back as Tean returned to sit with the guys he had been with before. I saw that the entire room was still looking at me – waiting. I moved my dripping right arm at last, reaching for my achingly stiff cock. I grasped it, feeling the slick sensation of dozens of loads of cum on it. That was all it took. As soon as my hand made contact I felt my balls contract, my ass tighten and watched a huge spray of cum shooting from my cock. My mouth fell open and a rasping gasp escaped my throat as I continued with my sensational orgasm. After five massive arcs of cum had hit the ground at least 6 feet in front of me I let me cock loose and continued to watch a thick stream pouring down my shaft and adding to the sticky mess in my pubic hair.

“Jim, you have done very well, you are now well and truly one of us! Come, we must talk.” Tean beckoned for me to follow him to his usual position on the floor of the meeting hall.

I stood gingerly and looked down at the stool I had been sitting on. There was a clear impression of my ass there in sweat, surrounded by glistening semen. Almost laughing I walked awkwardly over to Tean. I felt the slickness of all the cum between my legs and under my arms as I walked. Trying to ignore the smell and sensation I sat. I did however use my left hand to wipe as much as I could from my face and to push back the hair clinging to my face. Ahh – if only my parents could see me now – they would be so proud!

Tean beamed his smile at me.

“Very good work Jim. Now, tonight I am afraid you must not wash, it is tradition that the new rain is preserved until at least the middle of the next day. So you will be able to clean yourself off at midday if you want to. It may be a little uncomfortable as it dries out, but stretching and moving does help with that. Also, you may notice a smell develop, wear it with pride.”

Nodding I smiled at Tean.

“Tomorrow Jim we have a lot to do. We will begin arranging who will learn English conversation from you first. We have been discussing this and several other things today and I do have some suggestions to put to you now if you don’t mind?”

“Sure, shoot!”

“Alright, well, a lot of the guys have said they would like to have sex with you…”

My expression must have spoken volumes.

“Oh, is that going to be a problem? Because if it is I can make a command that you are to be left alone!”

“Ahh, ahhh, umm, no. No! Not at all! Umm, I just wasn’t really expecting that, but I guess that’s fine!”

“Oh good. Well we thought that to make it easier for everyone, that we would have you concentrate on one house at a time. So you can move into a home, spend time with the guys there teaching them English, and of course while you are there you can have sex with whoever you want to as well. Now I realize this means you have to move around a lot and that is going to be disruptive for you, but we think it is the easiest all round solution. Do you think that will be OK?”

“I think that will be just fine. Umm, when you say they want to have sex with me though, what exactly do you mean?”

It was now Tean’s turn to look puzzled.

“Uhh, well it means they want to do things with you that make both you and them cum like we all did tonight. I don’t know if I quite understand the question Jim.”

“Well, I guess I mean like, are they talking about fucking, or sucking, or jerking off or… whatever?”

“Yes, all of that. That is right Jim.”

“Oh. Umm, why are they interested in me? I don’t actually have a lot of experience.”

“Jim, it is because you are so very different!”

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