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Part 8

I didn’t sleep too well that night, the smell and tactile sensations were truly overpowering. I also lay there considering the situation I was in. Six weeks ago I was at school getting ready to graduate and wondering what sort of crappy summer job I would have to deal with before going off to at least another four years of college. Now here I was lying in a hot and dusty hut in the absolute middle of nowhere with the dried cum of over 100 guys crusted to my skin.

I was also wondering if I was going to succeed in my task there on the island. Then again, what was my task now? I lay thinking most of the night and happily came to the conclusion that so long as I actually spoke to all these guys on a regular basis, that I was actually doing what I was here to do. As the sky began to gray and the birds began their morning chorus I finally nodded off, just in time to get about an hour of fitful sleep before the day began.

The movement of others in the hut roused me fairly quickly. I forced my eyes open to see three guys looking down at me and grinning. They saw me opening my eyes and then began chatting loudly to each other in a language I knew I was never going to comprehend. They left and I looked around the hut to see I was the only one left there. Standing up shakily I stretched and shuddered at the feeling of the cracking dry cum all over me.

Given that I was not allowed to wash until midday I decided to keep to myself as much as possible until then – but I really did need a piss. I looked out the door of the hut and saw nobody around. I still wasn't actually sure what these guys spent their days doing, so I had no idea where they would be at this time of day. I took a few steps outside into the warming sunshine and leaned my back against the outside wall of the hut and let my bladder expel it's contents. I must admit, the feeling of leaning back against the wall of the hut and pissing hands free in the sun was quite nice.

Finished relieving myself, I ventured out towards the area that seemed to be the main place for getting food and water. It was only my third day and I was only just getting over the jet lag, never mind the weird things that had happened to me already. I have to admit, I still had no clue how things like getting food actually worked, until this morning, I had always just followed Tean or one of the others to get food.

Thankfully I did find a pile of mango flesh and some cold rice rolls to eat. As I was shoveling them into my mouth I grimaced at the realization that my hands were still unwashed after last night's cum fest. But I was too hungry to worry about that too much.

After eating I thought I might just go down onto the beach to start the process of catching some rays so I didn't look like the whitest thing on the planet. I also hoped it would be a place I could pretty much be alone until after I had cleaned myself. I walked down the hill trying to look confident in case anyone actually saw me and planted myself in the half shade of a palm tree. I thought full sun exposure too soon would just mean frying. My eyes closed for no more than 10 seconds when I heard a voice.

“Good to see you have had a busy morning working there Jim!”

Opening my eyes I instantly blinded by the sun shining directly in my face. My arm flew up to protect my eyes and I slowly realised that I was actually felling pretty hot. Shielding my face from the direct sun with my arm I tried opening my eyes again. There was Tean sitting in the sand beside me grinning.

“I think you might have gone to sleep again Jim. I also think you will have some bad pain tonight from the sun on you. It is now after the mid of the day, you can wash yourself now if you like.”

I sat up quickly looking down at my body. It was bright red already and I knew that was a really bad sign. Especially the parts of me that had never really seen the sun before. Sunburn! Crap! Shaking my head at my own idiocy I stood up and trudged down the beach towards the water. Tean followed me giggling.

I looked back at him with a puzzled expression.

“Sorry. Pink on the front, white on the back. It just looks funny.”

Shaking my head I walked into the sea and immediately felt the burn answering back to the cooling water. Man, that was going to hurt like hell later tonight. I made use of the time I still had before the real pain set in to scrub my skin down well to clean off all of the remaining crustiness from the night before. It took several minutes to get the clumps out of my hair. It seemed that a lot of the guys has used my ponytail as their target.

Tean joined me in the water and 'helped' by splashing water into my face and swimming around me underwater and groping at my butt and balls.

“Do you feel better now that you are clean again Jim?”

“Well yeah. But I am not looking forward to this sun burn kicking in.”

I started walking ashore to seek shade from the overhead sun. Tean followed and draped his arm around me. He squeezed my shoulder and directed me away from the shade of the trees and to the sunbaked rocks at the other end of the small bay.

“We need you to dry out now in the sun, and then we can fix the burn for you.”

I raised one eyebrow at the grinning guy and this sent him into fits of laughter again as he slapped my butt hard with his hand.
“Hey! That hurt!”

“Sorry, I am just trying to make that side of you the same colour!”

Moments later I sat on the baking rocks and leaned forward as much as possible to shade my burnt body. It only took a couple of minutes until I was dry and looking at Tean plaintively. He looked my body over and nodded. Reaching back he plunged his arm into one of the tidal rock pools surrounding us and pulled out a large handful of thick pulpy seaweed. He shook the sea water from it and placed it on the flat surface of a rock beside him. Then he picked up a nearby stone and began pounding the seaweed with it until it was a mushy pulp. He then looked up at me again smiling.

"Lie on your back here beside me Jim. We will fix your burning."

I decided to trust the grinning boy and did what he instructed. I lay down beside him and instantly felt the sun renewing its assault on my body. Tean picked up a handful of the gelatinous goo and dumped it on my chest. The coolness of the gel was immediately relieving to my skin, and as Tean spread it thickly over my body I felt incredible relief spreading with the gel. He continued to spread it over all of my sunburn. My face was coated, as were my thighs, shins and feet. Then Tean began delicately tending to my burnt cock and balls. His gentle hands applied the slick gel thoroughly to my balls, making sure all the skin was coated even through the barrier of my pubic hair.

He continued to apply the cooling coating to my pubic area and my cock, again, ensuring the skin was covered. He even gently pulled back my foreskin to ensure every square inch of skin was covered. Of course that made me hard as a rock within seconds.

“Jim, if that keeps growing, there will not be enough Tala juice to cover it!”

I smiled as he continued to encourage my erection by gently stroking it and massaging in more of the sticky gel.

“So what does this stuff actually do? How long do I need to keep this on?”

“This will fix your burn very quickly. Your skin will still be a bit red, but it will darken quickly and there will be no more pain or any other bad things. It is spread on thick and wet like this, then you must lie still in the sun until it is baked dry on you. Then you can wash it off and then you should do the same baking to your other side to make it even.”

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