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Part 9

My erection did slowly subside as the green smelly goop all over my body began to dry and harden. Despite the odd feeling of it hardening on my body, I was no longer feeling any discomfort from the sunburn I had just inflicted on myself. After half an hour it felt like I was caked in concrete, and the ocean smell was over powering. Tean wandered back to where I was lying and felt the crust on my torso.

“Ok, it is ready. Let me help you up and you can wash it off in the sea.”

Tean grabbed my hand and helped me to my feet. It was very difficult and uncomfortable to walk with the muck plastered to me, but it was only a few steps until I could jump clumsily into the turquoise waters. Once in the water the gel quickly softened and began to float away from my body. Within moments I was clear of the stuff from most places, but took a while to get it all out of my hairier regions, and finally cleaned under my foreskin to get the last of it off.

I reached back up to Tean’s offered hand and scrambled back up onto the rocks and shook the water from my body. I looked down at myself and saw that the pinkness was much reduced and my skin actually felt great. If this stuff works, it could be worth a fortune I thought.

Tean looked carefully at my crotch. He leaned down and gently picked up my cock and turned it carefully so he could see all sides of it. Naturally it reacted again.

“This may be a little tender tonight anyway. It looks like you have never got any sun on it!”

“Well, that would be because I never have! Feels pretty good right now though.”

“Yes, so I see. Every time I touch it, it gets hard. I think you like me to touch it no?”

“Oh yeah! Feel free to touch it whenever you like, but don’t be surprised if it gets hard each time you do.”

Tean smiled at me as he fondled it once more. I noticed that his cock too was growing. I looked from his cock up to his eyes.

“Do you mind if I touch yours?”

Tean shook his head and smiled. That was enough invitation for me. I crouched in front of the golden skinned Adonis and virtually inhaled his stiffening cock into my mouth. He let out a little moan and I felt his foreskin pop back behind the now prominent ridge of his cock head. The taste was exquisite. It was the first time in my life I had ever had a man in my mouth and I knew for sure this was the way for me.

I began to luxuriously savour on his hard prick as he wriggled and squirmed from my attention. I heard a low growling and looked up to see Tean baring his teeth and squeezing his eyes shut. It was clear that he was enjoying this just as much as I was. I reached down to stroke myself and found that there was a large amount of precum leaking from my own erection. One hand wrapped around it for just a couple of seconds almost brought me to orgasm so I decided to leave it alone and focus on the cock in the back of my throat instead.

I had of course thought about doing this a lot over the years, and was pleased that all me high expectations were not being dashed. It just felt so perfect to me to have my mouth and throat full of hot cock, to be able to gently knead the almost hairless balls in my hand and to feel the pert round ass in my other hand. I wanted to make this first time match my wildest imagination, so I felt gingerly around Tean’s butt for the crack I was seeking. Naturally it was not hard to find and my fingers slid into his sweat lubricated crack and immediately found his tight opening.

Sweeping my middle finger up and down his crack made Tean moan and widen his stance. I took my hand from his crack and again reached to my own rock hard erection and collected a load of slick precum from it. This was the perfect lube to use on his tight bud and it helped me to slip my finger all the way in with almost no resistance at all. Tean yelped as I did this and I felt his ass muscles contract hard on my finger and his balls suddenly tightened up against his body in my other hand. He sucked in a loud breath and then let out a shuddering roar as he unloaded his balls into my mouth.

I didn’t let a drop escape as he kept grunting and pulsing into my mouth. The taste and sensation were incredible. I was ecstatic as I savored all the sensations and then I realized I was on the cusp of coming myself. I pulled my finger from Tean’s ass as I readied my hand to steady myself. This triggered another wave in Tean’s orgasm and he slipped out of my mouth as several more spurts of cum escaped from him and onto my lips and chin. That set me off and I began spraying huge volumes of cum from my cock.

It danced up and down as I enjoyed the mind-blowing hands free orgasm. This sent the spurts all over the place, creating striped patterns on the hot rocks and splattering all over Tean’s legs. Tean leaned on my shoulders and looked down at my spurting cock with a huge smile on his face.

“Very nice job Jim. Next time though I want that in my ass instead of your finger.”

Feeling very weak in the legs I awkwardly sat down in a pool of my cum and looked back up at him.

“You have got a fucking deal bud!”

Tean sat down beside me and reached over to gently milk my still hard cock, dragging several thick white drops of cum from it and letting them drip onto the grey rock. He then wiped the sticky liquid from his shins with a finger and tasted it.

“Nice and sweet. I like that.”

“Glad you like it. Sorry for coming on you like that, I really couldn’t help it though. That’s the first time I have ever sucked a dude off and I got a bit carried away.”

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