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Part 10

“You must never say sorry for having a good time. It makes me very happy to see you come like that. Now, you must lie down on your front for a while to get sun on your white back. Come, let us go to the sand where you will be more comfortable.”

I stood up and followed Tean with my still hard cock bouncing up and down in the sun. He lead me to the middle of the white soft sands of the beach, right in front of the path way back up to the village and pointed at the sand.

“There. I think an hour at this hot time of the day would be right. I will come back to prepare more Tala for you then.”

I shrugged and lay down on my front in the warm sand. My mostly hard cock felt odd digging into the soft but resilient sand. I thought about sand under my foreskin as I lay down, but quickly forgot it as I snuggled my body into the yielding sand. The sun beating down on my pale back and ass felt incredible. I knew instinctively that I was just asking for an even worse burn experience, but it felt so good I just went with it. In moments I was asleep once again.

I awoke with the cold shock of wet slime landing in the small of my back. As I instinctively tried to get up a firm hand pressed me back down and then began to spread the gel across my back, butt and legs. Once evenly spread, the hands went to work making sure it covered all areas that might have been exposed, including the back of my neck, my ears and even the side of my face. Then the hands went back to my ass and I felt some fresh gel dribbled onto my ass crack. Then the fingers started to work it in deep.

Once again my cock was hardening in the sand as the firm but gentle hands slid deeper and then began to press firmly on the hole that had never before been entered by any fingers but my own. The slick gel was a perfect natural lube and the finger was quickly buried to the hilt in my virgin ass. It made it’s way immediately to my prostate and began massaging it expertly. My mouth opened wide but I couldn’t make a sound as my head swam with the sensations I was feeling.

For several minutes the persistently accurate prostate massage continued until I felt like I could take no more. I started to wiggle free, but felt the other hand push down firmly on my now tacky shoulders. I stopped struggling, but the sensation overwhelmed me and I felt an orgasm start deep within my gut, spread its way throughout my abdomen and then eventually explode through my crotch. As I shuddered and squirmed I heard myself yelping like a puppy. I couldn’t actually tell if I had shot anything or not, but it was the most intense orgasm I had had in a long time.

The finger was withdrawn from my ass and my body relaxed in a way I had never felt before. I lay paralyzed on the sand, breathing heavily. I saw a shadow loom over me, then saw tan legs fold up and a slim naked torso emerged into my blurry sightline. A smooth ass dropped beside me and planted itself on the sand beside me. I smiled, thinking what I was going to have to do to Tean to repay this.

“I hope that was Ok to do on you Mr Jim.” An unfamiliar voice said.

My eyes flicked open and I twisted my head up to look into the face of one of the guys I had not yet actually met. Shocked I started to push myself up, but he reached out to stop me once more.

“No, you must lie still until it has dried Mr Jim.”

“Ahh. Ok. You don’t need to call me Mr anything. My nake is Jim, Ok? And yeah, that was more than Ok to do to me. Um, sorry, I don’t know your name?”

“My name is Ziyad.”

“Well, hi Ziyad. Thank you for putting this stuff on me, um, and for the fingering too.”

“Fingering, that is a funny word. I would call that pressing on your inside sponge. When I have that done to me I have very good feelings and I end up very sticky!” he said with a laugh.

“Yes,” I replied, “I think I made the sand very sticky! How old are you Ziyad?”

“I am now eighteen years old Jim.”

“Cool. Um, yeah, I actually thought you were Tean until you sat down there. Um, yeah. So, how long until I can get up?”

Ziyad got up onto his knees and leaned over my body, feeling the state of the green goop all over me. His cock hung in front of my face as he did this and my eyes opened wide with surprise. This kid was huge! He wasn’t hard at all, but his cock hung low and heavy, it must have been at least six inches long flaccid. He leaned further, feeling the back of my thighs, and this brought the head of his cock right to my face. It brushed smoothly against my top lip and I inhaled deeply hoping to catch his scent. It was faint, but clearly there. I smiled and was about to lick at it when he leaned back.

“Yes, it is Ok for you to move now Jim.”

I pushed myself up with my hands, rolling to my side so that I could face my new kneeling friend. As I settled, Ziyad looked down my body and began giggling. I followed his gaze and saw a large clump of damp sand stuck to the end of my reviving erection. He reached down and plucked the cast of damp sand from my cock, brought it to his nose and sniffed deeply.

“Yes Jim, you made the sand very sticky. This is not urine.”

I smiled and Ziyad tossed the clump of cum soaked sand over his shoulder and then helped my to my feet. As the now solid coating of green slime had stuck to all the fine hairs between my legs and in my ass crack, it was particularly uncomfortable to walk. Despite this, I headed straight for the crystal clear waters of the lagoon with Ziyad at my side. Once I was just over knee deep in the warm water, I dropped backwards and let the salt water quickly soften the amazing coating.

Ziyad sat in the gently lapping water beside me and his firm hands helped mine to wash away the gelatinous clumps of weed pulp. I turned to look at his smiling face once more as we both rubbed firmly at various stubborn areas.

“So, I don’t remember seeing you before Ziyad, sorry if we have met before.”

“I have not spoken to you before today. I did, um, I don’t know what is the word, but I made some sticky mess on you last night like all the others.”

“You came on me.”


“Yeah. That’s the common term used. The formal term is ejaculating semen. The more usual way of saying it is to come. So, last night, you came on me. If you were to do it right now, you would come on me.”

“Good. So, what is the common way of calling what I would come on you? The white sticky stuff?”

“Well, the formal name is semen. But my friends would say ‘cum’.”

“Excellent! I am learning much already!”

Feeling mostly free of the green slime, I got up and we walked back to the dry sand to sit and dry. Ziyad sat very close beside me.

I sat silently, enjoying the feeling of the sun on my freshly cleaned back. Suddenly I heard the sound of a nearby stream of liquid hitting sand. I looked to my right to see a pool of piss forming between Ziyad’s legs and rapidly draining into the white sands.

“This is ‘pees’ yes?”

“Well, the formal name is urine. Most guys our age would say it was piss.”

“Piss. I like that word too.”

Ziyad looked over at my crotch as he continued emptying his bladder.

“Can I ask to have a closer look at your, um, zib?”

I looked at him puzzled.


He reached over and picked up my cock.

“That’s my ‘zib’?”

“Yes. It is. But that is not our local word. I thought you might know it. It is the name of it from the Arabs.”

“Well, in English the formal name is penis. But most guys our age call it their cock. As in, ‘you are holding my cock in your hand’.”

Ziyad laughed.

“Yes, yes I am!”

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